Hilariously Unsettling Pics That Get More Confusing The More You Look

When you see something strange at first glance, we tend to give it a closer look to understand it. But that probably won’t work on these hilariously unsettling pics. To put it differently, the more you look at these photos, the weirder they get. There are a lot of unexplainable things in this world and these are some of them. We’re bringing you our list of hilariously unsettling pics that will compel you to do some double-takes.




If the flying carpet is floating here, it means Aladdin is nearby somewhere.

Reddit | SuperDOS

If you’re a Pokemon fan, you’ll certainly cringe at this screenshot. I’m not a hard-core fan myself but I’m sure I’ll recognize Squirtle and Rhyhorn when I see them. And I’m also quite sure that Charmander isn’t the type of Pokemon that can use Razor Leaf.

Reddit | nevergreen

If you look closely at this photo, you’ll come to realize that every thing you see here doesn’t mesh with each other.

Reddit | MrQuicksilver

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo has finally met her match. Unfortunately, this chicken didn’t live long enough to settle the score.


How dare that little man ride on this lady’s back like a cowboy! Or I may be wrong…

Reddit | sammyjay55

Computers are now common in most households but way back in the 90’s, having your own personal computer was a big deal. Just take a look at the different reactions from these kids when they got their first computer. From extreme joy to utter shock, never mind the kid sleeping on the couch.

Reddit | bartarton1

This lame knock-off of The Avengers: Infinity War will keep you laughing word by word. Of course, who would want to eat a raccoon?

Imgur | obviousplant

Weird yet funny photos that’ll make you do a couple of extra takes



You can tell if a game is good or not just by looking at its title. How about this one? For sure, this game is all about a man fighting in the middle of town.

Reddit | tinytaur

In case you need someone to impersonate a certain car, this guy will do the job for you. Plus, he can do more than impersonation.  We got a real talent here.

car impersonator hilariously unsettling photos
Reddit | plethune

Here’s a little treat for all Friends fans out there. If you think they’re safe from face-swap then you’re wrong. No one is certainly safe.

Reddit | PicklesTheCatfish

Well, that property looks secured enough. No trespasser can set a foot on that area for sure.

Reddit | big_b_5800

Why would they ruin every girl’s childhood with this atrocity? Jasmine looks like she’s about to give Cinderella an MMA-style neck crank. What are those extra limbs coming out from Aurora and Ariel? And Belle’s lower body seems totally off. We’ll just leave out Mrs. Potts because she seems to enjoy what she’s doing.

Reddit | matterngamestop

The guy in red sweatshirt is the same guy wearing a red sweatshirt in the photo he’s holding. And the guy in leather jacket is the same guy holding a photo in the photo the guy in red sweatshirt is holding. Confused? So are we!

Reddit | Shady_Slim

I didin’t know that you can make a business out of dank memes? But the name of their website looks dubious.

Reddit | Visatron

Let’s put our favorite food together and make a sandwich out of them. That’s probably what this restaurant was thinking when they created this mess.

Reddit | C_Alcmaeonidae