You Can Now Get 30 Adult Merit Badges To Reward All The Hard Work You Do

Merit badges, also scout badges, aren’t only for the young members of boy scouts and girl scouts. In fact, there are merit badges for adults too. And why do grown-ups need these tiny, circular patch? Well, why not?  Wouldn’t it be nice to get a simple reward as a recognition for our simple achievements in life?

Let’s face it, coming of age is one of the most challenging phase in life. As we transit from childhood to adulthood, our way of life also becomes entirely different. When we were kids, all we think about is hanging out with friends and having fun. What are we going to play next? Where are we going to hang out tomorrow? As adults, everything becomes about how to meet the mundane demands of living such as running errands and paying bills. Despite this big change in lifestyle, this doesn’t mean that we’ve completely abandoned the child inside us.

We may have become more mature and more responsible in life, but we will be always kids at heart. Yes, we adults can really appreciate a reward for pretty normal everyday tasks. And this is where these merit badges for adults come in.

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Of course, these merit badges for adults are an acknowledgement to the humdrum activities that adults do. Although adult life is not as exciting as childhood life, these emblems will make your ordinary task a remarkable achievement. From getting on time for work and packing your own lunch to paying bills on time and eating a veggie. You’ll get a reward for all the little things you accomplish as an adult.

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These merit badges for adults are made with colorful polyester featuring beautiful embroidery. Each achievement is represented with an image representing the badge’s topic along with the task in text. For example, if you want to applaud yourself for not meddling with anyone’s affairs, you can grant yourself the ‘Minded my Own Business’ badge featuring Kermit the Frog with his cup of tea based from the famous meme.

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Each patch has an iron-on backing that allows you to attach it to any garment by using an iron. But take note that these merit badges for adults work best on cotton and denim fabrics and will not adhere to nylon and synthetic fabrics. Set the iron to medium heat and lay the garment on a hard surface. Place the patch face up on preferred spot and cover it with a piece of fabric.

Press down the iron directly on the spot for 45 seconds without moving it back and forth. Turn the garment inside-out and iron the back of the patch for 30 seconds. The iron-on backing features an adhesive that can last up to 30 washes. But if you want to have the patch on permanently, you can use glue or sew it on the garment.

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These merit badges for adults are available in a set of 3 with 9 different selections to choose from. Each circular patch measures 2 inches in diameter. These fun patches can make good collectible items for anyone who wants to celebrate adult life. Furthermore, they also make a perfect gift for family and friends who are struggling in the stage of life called adulting. These cute, clever patches will surely give them the boost to enjoy life as it is. One happy buyer wrote:

“The badges arrived in outstanding quality. The embroidery was clean, no ragged edges or loose strings, and the colors were vibrant. I gave these badges as a gift to a friend, and she seems to enjoy it. She sewed her patches on, so I cannot speak to the iron-on application success. I am already looking at purchasing another set.”

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