Solid Proofs That This Generation is Living For the Fails

The current generation has a lot to offer and technology seems to continue thriving as days go by. However, we can’t say the same to humanity because we have solid proofs that humans are downgrading as technology upgrades. But how did this happen? We can’t actually blame technology for this. If there’s anything, blame the people who prefer to live for the fails rather than to progress. If we can’t convince you with words alone, here are some photos as solid proofs that this generation is insane. Prepare for a lot of craziness as we present to you the hilarious people of this generation.




Some people just won’t let themselves go with a half-filled gallon of liquid detergent. They will find a way to get what they want, in full.


Millennials don’t seem to know but there’s a proper attire you need to wear when you’re applying for a job. You just don’t barge in with that atrocious shirt and expect them to accept you.

The Chive

Additionally, there’s a proper way of handling foods. Piling up these dressed chickens in an open van like this without any wrapping whatsoever is disgusting. We want to know which restaurant this delivery van is headed to so we can avoid it.


Would you spend a dime for this piece of trash? Seems like today’s fashion is more suitable in the garbage bin.

Reddit | BlueChainsawMan

Ice cream cones are for ice creams, in case you don’t know. And soft-drinks are best served on plastic cups, again in case you don’t know.

Reddit | StripeyBoi

If there’s one thing I learned from this generation, it’s the fact that tomato juice can boost one’s creativity in hair-styling.

Instagram | djbewbz

Calling someone gay is definitely not cool. But to inflict physical harm to someone is much worse. And to laugh about it is actually wicked. Kids these days are savage and it’s not looking good.

Tumblr | commonfangirl

Hilarious photos showing the craziness of this generation



Who eats a burger this way? Did this person come from another planet?


Beer and pizza make a perfect combo for a snack but we don’t recommend taking them in simultaneously. And if you ask why not, then we ask you to do it and risk yourself for a probable choking hazard.

The Chive

When the recipe book says mix butter and egg to make cookies, it doesn’t mean it this way.


Safety first before selfies, ladies. You won’t be smiling again when the car in front of you crashes into you.


I don’t think I have the guts to cut open an innocent doll’s head just to pour my wine into it. I’m good with the typical wine glass, thank you.

Reddit | _Sarcasmic_

Baby’s skin is very sensitive and we wouldn’t suggest using babies as testers for cosmetics. In case you don’t know, cosmetics may contain chemicals and allergens that can cause skin irritations. Woman, take good care of your baby. DO NOT use them as initial testers.

The Chive

No one simply says “It’s hot! I need some sundaes to cool down my nipples!”. That drive-thru personnel must be very shocked from this outlandish sight.

sundae on nipples solid proofs generation fails
Imgur | ColewortArbacin

Drinking beer from a fish’s mouth is not the sight we’d expect to see, even if this list is all about people’s craziness. Don’t they know how many parasites are residing in one fish? To summarize all of this, these girls just literally washed away all the parasite from this fish and transferred them all into her mouth. Yucky!

Reddit | KristennChaosXD