14 Awesome Alternative Uses For Plastic Shopping Bags You Will Love


Plastic shopping bags are an item every household seems to have a heap of. To help the environment, they should be re-used. Of course, you can take them along to the grocery store and use them again that way. But what about the rest of the bags in the mountain you have at home? Well, I bet there are plenty of creative, alternative uses for old plastic bags you never even thought of. Check out our list below and give your old shopping bags new life!


Make plastic bag 'rope'. Instructional photographs here. 


Use as knee pads whilst gardening. Great for gardeners on-the-go!


Protect your car from the wintry elements; wrapping your side mirrors and windshield wipers in plastic bags means less scraping in the morning.


Got to pick up something gross? No gloves? A plastic bag will do the trick, nicely.


Wrap your paintbrushes in plastic bags if you have to step away from painting. Saves cleaning them. If you're stopping overnight, simply place the brush, wrapped, in the fridge.


Use plastic bags as stuffing. So on any occasion that you were going to use Styrofoam, substitute plastic bags instead for less mess.


Place a shopping bag over the lid before you seal a paint tin. It will stop flakes of dried paint getting into the can.


Protect plants from overnight frost. Instructions here.


Plastic shopping bags make great covers for casts, to stop them getting wet whilst having a shower, for instance.



A clean plastic bag is great for giving you a non-stick surface when rolling out dough.


Make fun parachutes for the kids out of plastic bags.


Use plastic bags to make a cool, recycled gift wrap.


Use plastic bags as filler for pot plants. This means less soil, and makes pots lighter to lift. 


If you still have mountains of plastic bags at home, why not donate them? Food banks, animal shelters and libraries often need plastic bags.

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