You’ll Be Amazed By These Incredible and Spooky Glitches In The Matrix

Have you ever been someplace and have spotted someone who looks exactly like you? There’s truly nothing more freaky and bizarre than staring into your own face when it’s on someone else entirely. Of course, if you’re an identical twin, you’ll know nothing different. However if you’re anyone else, coming face to face with your own doppelganger can be pretty frightening. What do you do? Do you talk to this other you? Perhaps you should just politely ignore each other. Who knows until they’re in such a situation. If you’re intrigued by the idea of lookalikes, take a look at this photographic proof of some pretty intense glitches in the matrix. Enjoy!


Just casually ignoring each other’s presence.

Seeing double.

Surely they’re twins!

This looks weird.

A triple glitch in the matrix.

She’s trying not to stare!

What are the odds?

When the lady in the middle opened her eyes she must’ve thought she was dreaming! 

We wonder if the guy in front ever turned around!

Almost exactly the same outfits!

Looks like they’ve seen the funny side!

You’d do a double take if you looked out of your window and saw these guys!

It’s a hair convention!

The latest fashion?

The word doppelganger literally means ‘double walker’ in German. Some people are so frightened of the whole concept of seeing their double that they believe it’s an omen of bad luck. Some stories and traditions even see a doppelganger as an evil twin of sorts. Here, at Awesome Inventions we aren’t superstitious though. In fact, we’re really enjoying seeing these images of lookalikes and dressalikes that happen to be in the same place at the same time. Let us know in the comments if you or your friends have had any similar experiences. 

No wonder he’s looking!

How peculiar is this?

Be afraid…be very afraid.

A rare reverse glitch.

Surely the store’s not sold two pairs of those pants!

This is hurting our brains.

Separated at birth?

Believe it or not, these two guys got on the metro at different stations and they didn’t even know each other!

A slight glitch in the matrix.

She wants to be just like her friend!

These pairings are unbelievable!

Officer, arrest that man! 

Let’s hope the partners in these two couples take the right husband or wife home!

Coffee shop glitch alert!