Funny Attention-Grabbers Who Know How To Capture Our Eyes

As long as they got your name in it, all publicity is good publicity. The internet has a hoard of attention-grabbers who are willing to do anything for publicity’s sake. But some people didn’t have to work that hard just to catch out attention. People prefer to pay attention to someone cleverly funny. I mean, who doesn’t love a funny person? We searched the internet to pick up some photos of amazing people who can certainly steal the spotlight. These hilarious attention-grabbers are ready to take the world, one laugh at a time.



It takes physical agility and a little knowledge about physics to pull this off.


It’s only human to feel bad and sad when you’re stricken with bad luck. But for some reason, this man looks so happy with his misfortune.

Imgur | PotatoLord7000

Put vanilla pudding in a mayo jar and start eating it in front of other people just to gross them out. Not a bad idea for April Fool’s, right?

Reddit | narcolepsyinc

Animals deserve the same rights as humans. If humans are allowed to drive four-wheelers, then so are alligators.

Reddit | bryan9876543210

Jensen Ackles is in no way creepy. You must be living on a different planet if you think he is creepy.

eBaum’s World

Remind me again why robots are built. I believe they’re designed to perform human-tasks to make life for humans easier. So what’s the meaning of this? What good can we get from a robot who aims to hammer its head?


Kids may make fun at an 8MB memory card but these precious things have our whole childhood saved in them. And we need an instant reminder of this amazing thing.

Reddit | MNTLTY

Outlandish people showing what they can do to amaze you



When the success of your marketing scheme relies on a double-bed.

Imgur | Iambatgirl369 | Imgur

If you think dating apps are up to no good, here’s a proof to prove you’re wrong. This woman has a sweet idea of showing the miracles of dating apps.

Reddit | DarraghOc95

Losing virginity is interesting enough to catch students’ attention. Add some thin mint cookies and you’re sure to keep their eyes fixated on your presentation.

Reddit | mebloscianka69

When you want to tell someone to talk to the hand without uttering a single word.

The Chive

What’s the coolest thing you can do with a soccer ball?


When it’s impossible to count those countless number, you better come up with realistic estimation.

Reddit | live4lifelegit

No, they’re not trying to make balloons out of pants. They just found out the quickest way to dry wet pants.

Reddit | lipefleming

Someone made an auto-mechanic’s day by using this brilliant pun to tell what is wrong with his car. Did you get the joke here? You should know just by looking at the picture that his tires are slashed.

Reddit | BaxterEllard