London Based Tattoo Artist Creates Beautiful Abstract Tattoos Inspired By Geometric Symbols

Art masterpieces are timeless, immortalizing the artists who created them. With Mona Lisa (1506), Leonardo da Vinci will go down in history as the most famous artist in the world. The Starry Night (1889) would perpetuate Vincent van Gogh as the most influential artist of all time. And Pablo Picasso will always be remembered as the best abstract painter in the world through his Guernica (1937) painting. Similarly, tattooing also requires exceptional artistic skills as tattoo artists permanently embed their artworks on other people’s skin. Contemporary tattoo artists are coming up with their own unique styles to make their artworks stand out among the rest. Just like painters, tattoo artists are also making names of their own. London-based tattoo artist Mowgli is making waves in the tattoo industry due to his beautiful abstract tattoos.

mowgli beautiful abstract tattoos

What makes Mowgli unique is his creative use of geometric symbols and emblematic sketches that takes abstract art to a whole new level. The talented artist is currently working at Through My Third Eye studio in London as a co-owner and a resident artist. Together with three other resident tattoo artists and various guest artists, the studio aims to transform tattoo into an art form that transcends expectations.

mowgli tattoo artist beautiful abstract tattoos

“Nothing should make sense. You should break the rules and break the norms and surpass expectation.”, Mowgli states on his website.

mowgli beautiful abstract tattoos through my third eye studio

True to his words, his beautiful abstract tattoos are like no other tattoos that we’ve seen before. His impressive combination of geometric symbols, figurative drawings, intricate linework and distinctive dotting technique is indeed peerless. If you want these beautiful abstract tattoos on your skin, you can visit the website to book for an appointment. You can also visit his Instagram page to see his latest tattoo creations.

Tattoo artist Mowgli combines figurative sketches, geometric symbols, delicate lines, and dots to create beautiful abstract tattoos

mowgli beautiful abstract tattoos geometric symbols


mowgli abstract tattoo designs


mowgli arm abstract tattoo design


mowgli abstract tattoos


mowgli abstract tattoos figurative sketches


mowgli beautiful abstract tattoos design

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Source: Through My Third Eye | Instagram