The Best Futuristic Inventions We Need Right Now

The ingenuity of humans never fail to amaze us with cool, futuristic inventions that are likely to change how we live. Today, we present to you 16 of these futuristic inventions that are already available or will be coming soon.

Which one are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below!

Portable Toaster

Nothing beats a crisp toast for breakfast and this knife that could be heated to toast bread is the answer to your prayers. It’s handy, easy to clean and convenient.

Touchstone Pictures|Spyglass Entertainment
Yanko Design

Port Solar Charger

Port is a compact phone battery charger that works by using solar energy. You just have to attach it to any window and wait until your phone is fully charged.


Cell Phone and Bluetooth Headset in One Device

You can now have a phone and bluetooth headset in one device. A headphone to be inserted into the ear obtrudes from the middle by squeezing the phone from the sides. Unfortunately, project Kambala is still at the idea stage so it might be a while before we can get our hands on it.


MIITO – Kettle of The Future

MIITO is an impressive device that allows you to heat any liquid directly in a cup, bowl or any other container. Because you only heat the exact amount you need, you’ll be saving energy and time.


Kitchen Sanitizing Wand

This Kitchen Sanitizing Wand is a surface sterilizer which uses UV rays to eradicate 99% of bacteria from any solid non-porous surface.


3-sided Flip Phone

Three adjoined screens in one mobile phone works in different modes, even if you have various apps open simultaneously. Let’s hope this project’s production happens ASAP.


Aqua Treadmill

With a huge bathtub and a mobile surface for running or walking, the Water Walker & Spa is great for those recovering from an injury as it minimizes the amount of pressure put in the body during cardio. It also helps strengthen muscles and burn fat thru aerobic workouts. Did we mention it also works as a spa bath?


Cell Phone Showing The Clearest Weather Forecast

The weather bureau will hide in shame as this Window Phone makes accurate weather forecasts and even changes its display to reflect different weather conditions.


“Smart” Jacket with Built-In Heater

The Flexwarm jacket has advanced heating elements built in the chest, wrist and back areas. It uses a special sensors to adjust the heat production.


Electronic Sensor Pen

The Phree pen allows you to write anything everywhere. What you’ve written on any surface will be digitized and sent to a computer or smartphone. It’s a great tool to have especially if you don’t have a pen and paper or phone at hand.


Scanner Determining Food Composition

Perfect for health-conscious people, Tellspec enables you to quickly and correctly analyze the composition of a dish. It scans the food and sends you the list of ingredients and information of the nutritional value via a phone application.


Floating Desk Lamp

Flyte is a wireless desk lamp that levitates in the air above a small wooden base with embedded magnets. It consumes very little energy and can work for up to 22 years.


Compact Copy & Paste Device

Copy & Paste allows you to scan and print images everywhere and on everything. All you have to do is push the button, scan the item, and the image will be transferred to any surface using ink.


Pilot Wireless Translating Earpiece

Insert this tiny earpiece into your ears to begin automatically translating to the language chosen in settings – all without the need for internet.


Super Flexible Smartphone

Portal is an extremely elastic smartphone that isn’t scared of falling and can be dropped into water (to a depth of 10 meters). In addition, it also turns into a gadget that can be tied to the wrist, acting as both a smart watch and fitness tracker.


2-in-1 Rollers and Skateboard

The Sidewinding Circular Skates gives you leeway to freely turn and control your legs. It has two wheels and comfy stands for your feet.