Lofthouse Has Teamed Up With Mike And Ike To Create Candy Frosted Sugar Cookies

Lofthouse Cookies make some of the best sugar cookies out there. Their deliciously soft cookies topped with just the right amount of frosting that practically melts in our mouths are basically a household staple. And things just got a whole lot better because the brand’s got sugar cookies topped with Mike and Ike candy frosting! This offering follows after Lofthouse Cookies’ sweet collaboration with Peeps, which gives us the impression that the sugar cookie brand is on a mission to make their cookies the stuff happiness is made of.

Sugar cookies are already irresistible on their own. But top them fruity candy-flavored frosting and you’ve got us sold! So whoever thought of putting these two treats together definitely deserves a raise! We’ve got a feeling that we’ll be plowing through all ten of these sugar-loaded sugar cookies in one sitting… without any regret.


You can now munch on Lofthouse Cookies topped with Mike and Ike candy frosting

Per the label, the new Lofthouse Cookies will feature a blend of five fruit flavors. So you’ll be getting hints of cherry, lemon, lime, strawberry and orange in that bright green frosting sitting on top of the sugar cookie. And as always, the sugar cookie is finished off with candy sprinkles, to satisfy your sweet tooth’s cravings. It’s safe to say that you’ll be getting the best of both worlds with this sugar cookie!

This fruity addition to the Lofthouse Cookies lineup is so new that only @threesnacketeers  and @snackgator have posted about it so far. The Instagram snack showcaser spotted the new sugar cookies at Sentry Foods in Wisconsin. However, if you don’t have a Sentry Foods in your location yet, you can try ordering them through Country Mart (which has stores in Kansas and Missouri) online. Both chains offer this sugar cookie variety for under $4. So it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to get more than one pack. A cookie topped with candy is always, always a good idea, after all!