Effective Hair Care Tips That Everyone Should Know

Many of us absolutely love trying out new things with our hair. Thankfully, there are so many different ways to achieve the same thing that you can try and test until you find something that works for you. This is important as many people have different hair types so it can be hard to find something that caters to you specifically. For those of you reading who aren’t too experienced, these helpful and effective hair care tips could be just what you’re missing in your life! Take a look and happy styling! 

Brush Your Hair Before Washing

This reduces the amount of hair you lose when washing. 

Cutting Bangs

If you want bangs but are afraid of messing it up, clip in some hair extensions and cut them accordingly! 

How To Make And Apply Hair Chalk

Follow these instructions to become a master with hair chalk! 

Remove Static Electricity From Your Hair With Dryer Sheets

Attach a dryer sheet to your brush to keep your hair smooth. Further details here

Eye Shadow Hair Chalk

If you don’t have any hair chalk to hand, eye shadow makes for a great alternative! 

Foil Curling

This clever trick helps you to create curls using a flat iron and some foil! Check out more details here

Fuller Looking Ponytail

For a fuller looking ponytail, all you need is a hair clip! You can find some helpful tips here

Tiered Ponytail

This ponytail style is perfect for the gym as it is really secure and keeps your hair out of your face. It looks awesome too! 

Know Your Brushes

Different brushes are for different things! This handy guide will help you to understand which brushes you need. 

How To Lighten Your Hair

To lighten your hair, check out this awesome video!

The Illusion Of A Longer Ponytail

Check out how to make your ponytail look twice as long without the need for extensions, here

Control Those Annoying Flyaway Hairs

Mix some water and conditioner in a spray bottle. When styling an up do, apply to areas that are being difficult! 

How To Make Bobby Pins Stay In Place

Apply some hairspray to your bobby spins a couple of minutes before using them and they will hold way better! 

Straw Curls

You don’t need fancy equipment to create gorgeous curls! Check out this video that will show you how to achieve a curly look using straws!

Flat Iron Waves

To achieve a wavy look, plait your hair and then use your flat iron on top! Instructions can be found here