New Peeps Cookies Have Marshmallow-Flavored Icing And Chick-Shaped Sprinkles

Our favorite sugar cookie brand and our favorite marshmallow brand have come together to make our sweetest dream come true. Lofthouse and Peeps joined forces to bring us the ultimate snack for the spring season. We all love Lofthouse’s signature soft sugar cookies topped with yummy frostings in many different flavors. And who could ever say ‘no’ to the distinctive chewy, chick-shaped marshmallows? Now, imagine Lofthouse cookies topped with the popular vibrant yellow marshmallow-flavored frosting. This mouthwatering combo is undoubtedly a fun and delicious treat for both kids and adults alike.

Each frosted sugar cookie features a marshmallow topping. The cookies even have fun, chick-shaped sprinkles on top in colors blue, pink and yellow.  These tasty and visually appealing cookies are perfect to serve at your next party, to bring to a friend’s house, to share with your co-workers, or just to enjoy a sweet indulgence on your own. Instagram user @threesnackateer was one of the first people who spotted the new Sugar Cookies at Woodman’s. But you can also find these goodies at various retailers including Certco, SuperValu, Albertsons and Fareway.

The Lofthouse Peeps Frosted Sugar Cookies come in a 13.5 oz reclosable container containing 10 cookies. So, there’s plenty to share with your family and friends. Take note that this is a limited-edition offering that will only be around for spring. So, don’t miss this chance and get them now at your nearest stores before they disappear. Who knows, we may never get to have this chance again.