The Kit Kat Apple Pie Flavor Is Actually Happening And Coming Soon

In November last year, Nestle Japan launched the new Kit Kat Apple Pie Flavor as a Halloween offering. Intriguingly, the new flavor featured a purple-colored crème apparently to bring a spooky vibe. Despite the color, people who have tried it claimed that the crème perfectly captured the taste of apple pie. But of course, only those in Japan were able to try the new flavor. However, there have been rumors that Hershey’s is considering bringing the flavor to the US. And that it will be officially released some time in 2020. People were quick to assume that Hershey’s is going to roll it out as a Thanksgiving offering.

It turns out now that the rumor is real. Hershey’s finally introduced its new Apple Pie Flavor, not as a Thanksgiving offering but as a summer treat. Compared to its Japanese counterpart, the US version features the iconic crisp wafers covered in white crème which holds the apple pie flavor. This limited-edition flavor will be hitting stores starting July 2020 and will be here around summer. We’ve got a feeling that these goodies won’t be staying on the shelves long enough to last until Thanksgiving. So, stocking up on these while we have the chance is the best way to go.


Kit Kat Apple Pie Flavor

The new apple pie flavor comes in a 1.5-oz standard-sized bar in bright yellow packaging. For sure, people are going to compare this Hershey’s version to Nestle’s version of the same flavor. Nonetheless, this is good news for all of us because we don’t need to go to Japan just to taste this apple pie-flavored Kit Kat. July can’t come soon enough. And when that time comes, don’t mind if we celebrate Thanksgiving early. Besides, why wait for Thanksgiving when you can have the goodness of apple pie anytime you feel like it?