LEGO To Launch Its First Ever Bioplastic Collection Sourced From Sugarcane

Plastic wastes are ruining our planet and several companies are promoting alternatives to reduce plastic consumption. In response to the nationwide initiative to eradicate plastic pollution, LEGO releases its new eco-friendly set of building blocks. It may sound like it doesn’t make any sense. LEGO toys are basically plastic blocks and pieces. How on earth could they produce plastic toys that are eco-friendly? Last year, the leading toy company unveiled its first ever sustainable LEGO set. This LEGO bioplastic collection is made from sustainable material which is sourced from sugarcane.

lego bioplastic collection

The new sustainable plastic is produced using ethanol that is extracted from sugarcane. This LEGO bioplastic has the same property as the standard oil-based plastics. But unlike the original plastic, sustainable materials are produced without depleting non-renewable resources. Hence, production of the Lego bioplastic set can be done without disrupting the key natural resource systems.

The new LEGO bioplastic collection features sustainable plastic pieces in the shapes of trees, leaves, and bushes. LEGO fully understands the negative impact of plastic wastes to the environment. And the launch of its first ever LEGO bioplastic set is the first step to promote nature-friendly alternative to polyethylene plastic. The company aims to replace all its products and packaging with bioplastic by 2030.

LEGO bioplastic is made with sustainable and plant-based material

lego sustainable material

Aside from this, LEGO is also working with Bioplastic Feedstock Alliance to encourage other plastic-manufacturing companies to use sustainable sources. Moreover, LEGO is in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund for Nature in their goal to reduce carbon dioxide emission. Doing so can save the earth from climate change and global warming.

Learn more about the new LEGO bioplastic collection on the company website.

lego sustainable bioplastic


Source: LEGO