Artist Dietmar Voorwold Creates Beautiful Natural Landart In Scotland


Often when you think of art, you will conjure up images of traditional paintings hung in stuffy galleries. Taking a look at the world around you makes you realize that art is found everywhere. Dieter Voorwold uses pebbles, shells and rocks found in the natural world and creates the most stunningly beautiful formations using only the beauty of nature.


In this series of photos, Voorwold worked with the rocks and stones found naturally in Scotland. Using other natural aspects such as the dynamics of tidal waters and the constantly changing natural light, he has created beautiful patterns which complement their wild surroundings.


Voorwold says on boredpanda,

"When I came to Scotland I found it quite spectacular because of the stones and the rocks. The ocean, the dynamics of the tide, too, and all the different colours along the coasts – all these were fascinating to me. So very different from the landscape that I grew up in around Germany. There is an untamed wildness here in the north of Scotland. My work is an attempt to bring a sense of stillness to those natural dynamics of rivers and tides that swirl and flow around me – enhancing them with patterns, creations that reflect both Nature’s subtle simplicity and also its complexity of shape and form – and then set them into landscapes where I hope their presence will enhance the already natural beauty of their settings."

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