Artist Dinara Mirtalipova Beautifully Hand-Paints Easter Eggs with Colorful Folk Art Illustrations

These stunning hand-painted Easter eggs will add more colors to spring. Grown-ups have one thing in mind when spring season comes. And that is the moment when beautiful, dreamy flowers finally bloom in all their splendor. However, kids have a different thing in mind when it comes to spring season. Yup, we’re thinking the same thing – Easter eggs hunting! Aside from the gorgeous flowers, colorful Easter eggs are also one of the reasons why we’re so excited for spring. Everyone wants to make unique-looking eggs that are like no other.

If you’re running out of design ideas, you can find a lot of inspiration on the internet. Social media is surely flooded with decorative Easter eggs right now. But we’ve found a particular design that certainly puts Easter eggs to a different level. Dinara Mirtalipova paints the eggs with elaborate illustration with a traditional touch. Her hand-painted Easter eggs feature Uzbek folk patterns that are so enchanting, you can’t take your eyes off them.

dinara mirtalipova hand-painted easter eggs

hand-painted easter egg

Mirtalipova draws vintage Uzbekistan arts on porcelain and wood eggs by using fine paintbrush. The eggs are coated in solid black or white paint to create a vivid backdrop for the drawings. Her hand-painted Easter eggs feature lovely birds, fancy flowers, and vibrant leaves. The beautiful work of art reflects the artist’s unique creative style inspired by traditional folk arts. Mirtalipova’s Easter eggs are definitely on a different level compared to the usual ones that are dyed with pastels. The intricate designs make the eggs an ideal ornament for any home décor. So it can be flaunted all year round, not just for Easter.

Sad to say, Mirtalipova’s hand-painted Easter eggs are already sold out. We’ll have to wait for next year’s Easter and hopefully these charming eggs would be available again.

Mirtalipova’s collection of Uzbek folk-inspired Easter eggs

uzbek folk inspired easter egg


hand-painted easter egg sides


hand-painted easter eggs


dinara mirtalipova hand-painted easter egg


folk-inspired easter egg


dinara mirtalipova easter egg illustration


hand-painted easter eggs folk art


hand-painted easter eggs wood porcelain


hand-painted easter eggs by dinara mirtalipova


mirtalipova easter egg packaging


mirtalipova easter egg etsy shop


hand-painted easter egg black backdrop


uzbek style easter eggs


mirtalipova easter egg collection

You can check out her other Uzbek folk-inspired masterpieces on her Etsy shop. But for now, feast your eyes on this collection of Mirtalipova’s famous Easter eggs.

Source: Dinara Mirtalipova | Etsy