Archaeologists Uncover 4000-Year-Old Colorful Tomb In Egypt

Egypt holds some of the most precious and most mysterious treasures in the world. In this modern age, most of us think that every hidden treasure in this legendary country has been uncovered. But little did we know that there are still more secrets buried beneath the grounds of Egypt. Just recently, the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities discovered a colorful tomb that is said to have been built over 4000 years ago. The ministry has uncovered a huge deal of ancient tombs before but this is definitely one for the ages. Members of the excavation team were astonished to find vivid drawings in vibrant colors. The 4000-year-old colorful tomb was so well-preserved that it looks like it has been just painted yesterday.
Source: AFP

4000-year-old colorful tomb

Antiquities minister Khaled al-Enani unveiled the new discovery adorned with clear inscriptions and fascinating figures in vivid colors. The 4000-year-old colorful tomb is believed to be the resting place of Khuwy, a high-ranking official during the Fifth Dynasty. To mark another major archaeological discovery, 52 foreign ambassadors and cultural specialists were invited at the unveiling.

khuwy tomb colorful reliefs

Khuwy’s tomb is located in Saqqara, just south of Cairo. Designed in an L-shaped construction, the 4000-year-old colorful tomb starts with a small corridor leading down to an antechamber. Moving forward, a large chamber awaits with walls covered with colorful paintings and inscriptions. The vivid reliefs depict Khuwy sitting at a table while accepting offerings.

khuwy tomb depictions

The discovery of Khuwy’s tomb might reveal some facts about Djedkare Isesi, the pharaoh who ruled during the Fifth Dynasty. Many historians refer to him as the most enigmatic pharaoh ever lived. Unlike other famous pharaohs, little is known about Isesi making him the least popular but the most mysterious among them. Surprisingly, the layout and the depictions on Khuwy’s tomb can shed a light on this enigmatic ruler. Furthermore, Khuwy’s tomb is located near the pharaoh’s pyramid. Historical analysts believe that Isesi and Khuwy have a romantic relationship while others believe that the two were relatives.

egyptian ministry of antiquities khuwy tomb

Aside from the colorful reliefs, the tomb also houses the mummy of Khuwy. The archaeologists also discovered canopic jars that contain different bodily organs as a part of the mummification process. The discovery of this 4000-year-old colorful tomb comes at a perfect timing to boost the country’s tourism industry. Tourism in Egypt has not flourished since the political uprisings in 2011. But they’re hoping that this discovery can reinvigorate the country’s rich history and culture through tourism.

4000-year-old colorful tomb uncovered

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