Extending Phone/Tablet Holder For Car Seats

Road trip can turn to anxiety if your kid gets easily bored or distressed during a car ride. You can make a long road trip less stressful for your child by turning the backseat into a movie theater. And this phone/tablet holder offers the best viewing experience to keep your little ones entertained throughout the ride.

While you can find heaps of phone mounts for back seats on the market, none of them is no match for this phone/tablet cradle when it comes to adaptability and versatility. Most phone holders simply hold the device in place. Although some models allow the device to be rotated in any orientation, most of them could only bet set at a fixed distance. We found this long-armed phone holder with flexible swiveling joint that enables you to adjust the device forward and backward. So, you can find the best viewing angle and the ideal distance at any eye level.


Any Viewing Angle Phone/Tablet Holder

phone tablet cradle any viewing angle

This phone/tablet cradle has an integrated clamp that easily attaches and firmly secures to the back of a head rest. It can hold a device with or without a case. The swiveling arm lets you view the screen of the phone or tablet at your preferred distance and height. From the head rest, it can extend up to 7.75 inches long which can also be set higher or lower depending on your most comfortable viewing distance.

swiveling phone mount back seat


phone tablet cradle pivoting joint

Furthermore, this flexible phone/table cradle has a pivoted gimbal that lets you rotate the device, turn it left, right, face up, or face down. It gives you all the freedom to choose your most ideal viewing angle. Plus, it eliminates the need for your child to lean forward to touch the screen. Simply set it at a proper distance where they can reach the device and let them take control of it. Just make sure that you’ve downloaded plenty of child-friendly apps, movies, and interactive games to keep them occupied for hours.

flexible phone mount back seat


any viewing angle phone tablet cradle

Source: Hammacher Schlemmer