You Can Get A Christmas Tree For Your Car

Put your vehicle in the holiday spirit by decorating it with this car top Christmas tree. This mini decorative tree can be mounted on your vehicle roof. What’s more, this festive décor also lights up to give a dazzling mobile spectacle at night. So, you can spread the holiday cheer on the road and turn heads wherever you go.

This car top Christmas tree measures 3 feet tall and comes equipped with lightweight yet sturdy frame. It comes with extra-strong industrial straps, spring clips, rubber-tipped hooks, and powerful suction cups to firmly hold the tree in place without scratching your vehicle’s paint. Use the clips to securely strap the frame to the roof while the suction cups prevent damage to the car. This festive décor features lush branch tips strong enough to withstand high speeds and standard winter weather conditions. It has a knob that allows you to fold the entire tree down for convenient garage parking or low clearance area.


Car Top Christmas Tree With LED Lights

car top christmas tree

This light-up car top Christmas tree has 70 colorful LED lights to make your vehicle the ‘brightest star’ on the road at night. Simply plug the included 10-feet long power cord into the cigarette lighter port to light it up. The adjustable straps allow you to easily fit this roof-mounted décor on all types of vehicles including cars, vans, SUVs, sedans, pick-ups, and more.

roof-mountain festive decor


roof-mountain festive decor adjustable straps


roof-mountain festive decor sturdy straps


car top christmas tree sturdy straps

Instead of the old rooftop reindeer antlers, this car top Christmas tree is guaranteed to bring more cheer and joy whenever the road takes you. And when the festive season is over, you can just easily disassemble the entire thing into sections for easy storage. One satisfied customer wrote:

“I love this thing. Puts a smile on everyone’s face everywhere I go. The LEDs are brighter than I expected. Max speed is about 45-50 mph otherwise the branches get all bent. You can just bend them back after stopping though.”

car top christmas tree bendable branches


power cord cigarette lighter port


car top christmas tree light-up

Source: Amazon