Every House Should Have A Set Of Stairs That Lead To This


You'll never run out of storage space for your wine collection with one of these spiral cellars installed into your home! These incredible cellars provide a space-saving storage system that only takes 3-9 days to complete. They can pretty much be installed in any room of the house that's situated on the ground floor. There are many different cellar and door options to choose from, and the maximum amount the largest one can hold is 1870 bottles. That's sure to be plenty of storage for even the most serious wine connoisseur! The design is based on a water-tight cylindrical concrete system that maintains the space and withholds the ground pressure. There is an integrated ventilation system to keep your wines nice and cool. Check out the pictures below of some of the spiral cellars that have been installed. If you're thinking about having one then it's worth knowing that you don't even need to apply for planning permission!

Website: spiralcellars


spiral wine cellar top


spiral wine cellar


spiral wine cellar dining room


spiral wine cellar down



spiral wine cellar storage


spiral wine cellar inside


spiral wine cellar half


spiral wine cellar kitchen


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