Jolly Rancher Releases A New All-Peach Pack

At this point in time, it’s pretty clear we’ve got a really peachy summer. Well, at least when it comes to the treats and sips we can get from our favorite brands and restaurants this season… We’re guessing that you’ve probably had your fill of those refreshingly summery sips like Auntie Anne’s Peach Lemonade Frost. So is it really a surprise for Jolly Rancher to release their own peachy offering?

The brand used to offer Peach in their fruity lineup before. A lot of people actually loved it. Unfortunately, the flavor was discontinued in favor of their Grape variant. Obviously those who considered the peach flavor as their favorite were saddened by the decision. In fact, they claim to have felt “discriminated” with the removal of their favorite flavor.–/

A person under the name Brad Butt started a petition for its return on two years ago. The petition earned the support of 1,370 peach-lovers. Clearly, Brad Butt and his fellow peach-lovers are finally getting what they asked for, in the form of the All Peach pack!


Jolly Rancher is offering an All Peach pack of hard candies this summer

It may have been a long time coming, but the peach-flavored hard candies are finally back. As a matter of fact, many Dollar General shoppers like @tamisclock, @rednecksnackfood, @kawaiiluxe, and @lauren4004 have spotted the delightful treat. Those who clamored for its return will definitely love this all-peach offering! The appearance of these peachy candy treats are currently inspiring a flood of peach and heart emojis on Instagram. And we’re definitely taking that as a clue about how delicious this returning flavor is. We’re not sure whether the All Peach pack is a Dollar General exclusive or not. But hopefully this summery candy offering sees a wider release in the coming days.