People Are Sharing Crap Life Tips And They’re Too Funny

There are many people who are tired of seeing the same old ‘hacks’ passed around the internet. Sometimes you might be lucky and actually find the odd useful thing, but so many ‘tricks’ are rehashed these days. This could be the explanation as to why people have decided to share crap life tips instead! Of course, these nuggets of information are useless in practical terms and not recommended to actually try out, however, they’re good for making us all laugh!

Utterly useless tips you should NOT try

Tired of boiling water for pasta? Plan ahead by boiling a few gallons at the beginning of the week then freeze for later use!

Struggling to park? Whack your hazard lights on, park where you please (within reason) and no one will question you!

Sorry, birthdays are cancelled this year!

If your smoke alarm breaks or runs out of batteries, hang up some popcorn kernels instead. When you hear them popping, grab some and run!

If you need to lose some wrinkles fast, a rattlesnake bite should do the trick. (sarcasm)

Onions are great for preventing viruses.

To feel less lonely, fill a glove with water and seal it. Job done!

To magnify your phone’s screen, place it in a glass of water. Side note: Must have a water proof phone…

Smell gas at home? Don’t light a match!

Snakes are great at holding pasta! Look no further for a hardworking kitchen assistant.

Having a bad day? Put sunglasses on and feel like you’re having a bad night instead.

Save time in the mornings by using toothpaste on your toast. You get to eat something and walk away with minty fresh breath! Winning!

Can you hear something strange coming from your car? Turn up the volume on your radio so you can blissfully ignore it.

Remember, these are utterly useless tips and should not try them. Yeah, we had to write this because… people.