These Cute Twisted Carrots Have Found Real Love Together


Roxana Bogzoiu was at the grocery store one morning when she spied this gorgeous pair of inseparable carrots. Taking an instant like to the pair, she went on to capture these precious moments between them. Speaking about the carrots whirlwind romance Bogzoiu states…

" They dated for a couple of months, they spent their first night together, he proposed after 8 months and she said "Yes!". The wedding took place in October, in a bohemian decorated garden, very intimate, with a few guests – tomatoes, some cucumbers, a couple of peppers…the closest relatives. The second day after the wedding they left by plane into the honeymoon in Hawaii for ten days. This is when the magic happened – they left 2 and came back 3. Nine months later, their baby girl was born."

Check out their family adventure below!








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