Starburst Is Releasing A Pack Of Gum And It’s Like Never-Ending Candy

If you love Starburst, now you can savor the fruity goodness. Why? Because the chewy candy now comes as a gum. The new Starburst Gum will make us chew our favorite candies in a different way. Unlike the usual taffy candy that quickly disappears as you chew, this chewing gum allows you to taste the fruity flavor for longer.

In October last year, the brand unveiled the new fruity gum at the NACS Show in Atlanta. Aside from the fruit-flavored chewing gums, the brand also revealed the new Starburst Swirlers in chewy stick form. The brand announced that both products will be available in 2020. Just recently, the brand finally rolled out these chewy goodies. Unlike the box-shaped soft candies, the gums come in rectangular shapes in Cherry, Orange, Strawberry and Lemon flavors.


The Starburst Gum Isn’t Actually A New Idea

This is actually not the first time that the candy was turned into chewing gums. Back in 2015, the Juicy Fruit Starburst was released. It features the form of Juicy Fruits’ gum stick with the bursting fruity flavor of the candy. The product comes in two different flavors – cherry and strawberry. Also in 2018, the brand released the chewing gum featuring cube-shaped gums in different fruity flavors. It comes in Fruity Mixies and Strawberry flavors.

For this year, we have the gum that features the 4 classic flavors of the candy. These rectangular gums come in 15-piece, 40-piece and 120-piece packs. So, you can really stock up! The chewy treats were released just in time for Easter so you’re still likely to find them in the candy aisle of your nearest grocery store. If you love the classic fruity taffy candies then you’ll surely love them even more as gum. So, give this gum a try and taste the fruit flavor for yourself.