Serve Your Cocktails In These Jellyfish Martini Glasses

Going to the beach is fun. Diving into the open sea and observing the diverse marine life that thrive there is even more exhilarating. One of the most mesmerizing sea creatures you could possibly encounter would be the jellyfish. However, encountering a jellyfish can put you at risk, because it might sting you (some stings will just itch and others can be lethal). But there’s no denying that they’re absolutely fascinating! So if you’d rather stay safe from the threat of being stung, then you’re better off getting a pair of these jellyfish martini glasses. Can you just imagine how baffled people would be if you said you drink martinis from a jellyfish…shaped glass?

I don’t know about you but novelty cocktail glassware can make any collection even more awesome. And if you happen to be a thalassophile (someone who loves the ocean), then Cerahome’s jellyfish glasses will fit right in your glassware trove! It will definitely make a neat companion for your mermaid-shaped drinking glass and even complete your undersea creature-inspired collection! These unusual glassware pieces have definitely been making quite a splash on the internet.

jellyfish martini glasses with cocktail


jellyfish glass with blue martini


The glass features jellyfish tentacles as the ‘stem’

cerahome jellyfish martini glass measurements


You can pour anything in this cool undersea creature-inspired glassware

liquor being poured into the jellyfish glass


Ocean lovers will love Cerahome’s jellyfish martini glasses

Each jellyfish glass features a regular, inverted triangle-shaped drinking vessel that’s typical for holding martinis and other cocktails. However, instead of being supported by a single, delicate stem, Cerahome’s octopus and jellyfish-inspired pieces are held steady by tentacles of various lengths! The tentacles are perfectly stable, so you won’t need to worry about any unexpected wobbles and spills. The piece is made with a single mold of professionally smoked, A+ grade molecular glass. By making the glass with a single mold, you won’t ever have to worry about any pieces detaching from the glass!

jellyfish-inspired glassware used as wine glass


glass with wine

According to Cerahome, the jellyfish glass is 3.6 inches wide and 5.1 inches tall. You can easily pour up to 120ml of your preferred drink, which should allow you to have plenty of fun in between sips! And aside from martinis, Cerahome recommends using their jellyfish glasses for champagne, other cocktails or even juice. Safe to say, the only sting you’ll be getting is the buzz you’ll get from the booze you’re sipping! Get yours here.

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