This Dog Whiskey Decanter Is Perfect For Dog Lovers Who Like A Drink Or Two

Nothing beats the satisfaction of having a fully stocked home bar. And there’s always one drink that you favour more than the others. These spirits are usually the ones that you transfer to decanters. But if you wish for a decanter that is more unique, look no further because The Wine Savant has you covered. This is the same decanter company that makes the rifle-shaped decanter. But if you’re not really into guns and prefer the company of canines instead, then their paw-tastic dog whiskey decanter is for you!

This isn’t the first time we’ve featured The Wine Savant’s creative decanters here at Awesome Inventions. The brand was established in 2014. Needless to say, they’ve changed the whole decanter design game over the past couple of years since they went into business! Now, some of you may still be confused with the actual purpose of decanters. Do they actually have a use or are they simply meant to make your home bar look fancier?

Well, the short and simple answer to that question is yes, decanters do serve a purpose. Transferring certain spirits like wine and whiskey into a decanter can help bring out the drink’s real flavor, as it allows the spirit ‘to breathe’. It also lets sediments settle to give you a more clarified drink every time. Plus it also doesn’t hurt that it makes your home bar seem more fascinating. And this dog whiskey decanter will definitely get the conversation flowing!

the dog decanter can stand on its own
The Wine Savant


Dog lovers will love this dog whiskey decanter from The Wine Savant

The Wine Savant offers two dog-shaped decanters. One looks like the Boxer dog breed and the other resembles a friendly Labrador. Between the two decanters shaped like man’s best friend, the Boxer model offers the most detail. Both decanters can store up to 500ml or 17oz of your booze of choice in their torsos. And you won’t need to worry about how to display the dog decanter either, because their four legs are capable of supporting the decanter on their own.

The Boxer dog-inspired decanter depicts the dog in an alert pose. This stance can also be observed with the Labrador version. Both these canine-inspired containers dispense their contents through their tail. The tail is fitted with a rubber-encased stopper to ensure that your drink’s spirit does not evaporate. Every glassware item in The Wine Savant’s catalogue is made only by the best glassblowers. And they only use handmade, lead-free, borosilicate glass as it allows their pieces to be both delicate and sturdy at the same time.

details on the boxer dog whiskey decanter
The Wine Savage


Boxer dog whiskey decanter by the wine savant with whiskey poured in
The Wine Savant


There’s even a decanter shaped like a Labrador

Labrador Dog Whiskey Decanter by The Wine Savant Right profile
The Wine Savant


Labrador Dog Whiskey Decanter by The Wine Savant
The Wine Savant


This canine-inspired decanter will be a great functional décor piece in your home

a model demonstrates how to decant your drink using the canine-shaped container
The Wine Savant

Not everyone has the luxury of dedicating a space in their home as home bar. So if you’re just looking to put your favorite alcoholic beverage on display but don’t want to make it super obvious that you’ve got booze present in the room, then we highly recommend this dog-shaped decanter. It should also make a wonderful gift for any dog-loving, booze-loving friends and family that you have! Get the Boxer dog decanter or the Labrador decanter today!