This Just Goes To Show How Complex The English Language Is To Learn


English is hard. Whether you’re a native speaker who’s had a lifetime trying to get your head round the language or if you’re learning the basics. There are so many weird rules you have to remember, many of them pretty illogical. And, how about pronunciation? Why are so many words spelled in the same way but sound entirely different when they’re said out loud? What are the rules? Are there any? If so, how can we learn them and better still, retain them? Here, we take a look at images that prove beyond all doubt that the English language is a complete nightmare. Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

We’ve no idea how we even learned to speak English!

This breaks our brains!

Why is English so hard?

You’re telling us!

The struggle is real.

This is pretty crazy! Who knew?

I put a spell on you…or was that a spelt?!

We know the feeling.

That that that that thing is a thing.

This one’s so funny!

This makes perfect sense to us!

We’ve been spelling it wrongly all along. 

Let us know how you get on with this!

english language jokes poem


Why oh why is English so weird?

The thing about the English language is that virtually everyone the world over knows at least some words. It’s a language that connects people from Europe to Africa and beyond. Virtually every blockbuster movie and hit song is written and performed in the language, so why is it so incredibly complicated? For example, how can feet smell and noses run? Or, how can the phrases ‘slim chance’ and ‘fat chance’ mean exactly the same thing? How does it all work? It just defies all logic and sense! Take a look at more of these images and try not to get a sore head working them out!

This is so true and yet we never even thought about it before!

Why do these names exist then?

Totally changes the meaning.

Makes perfect sense!

Stops any confusion.

You can impress your friends with this…probably.

Typical. English is always trying to mess with us!

So, now you know!

We think this is totally hilarious!

If you’re currently learning English we feel sorry for you!

They have a point here!

Holy brain hurt.

That’s that cleared up then.

Does this make your head hurt a little too?