28 Times Hipster Restaurants Went Too Far With Food Serving

Over the years, there’s seems to have been a huge surge in concept restaurants, or ‘hipster’ establishments. Generally this means that your food, or drink, is cooked, served or presented in a way that goes against the norm. Now, some of these alternatives are quite clever and interesting, however, sometimes they are so terrible, you’re left extremely confused. Below we have 28 times hipster restaurants went too far with food serving. However, depending on your personal tastes, you might think some of them are genius rather than strange, we liked a few of them! 

Times Hipster Restaurants Went Too Far With Food Serving

Why on earth would any food establishment offer customers something that could easily cause them harm? Also, who wants to eat something that has had barbed wire through it?!

Let’s hope people were happy to save their fries until last… 

Because it’s not a proper burger unless there’s a sword going through it. 

If this ‘Caesar salad’ was served to us, we would be hugely disappointed! 

If there was a side plate to eat the cake, this would be pretty perfect! 

A Chicken tikka staircase with cupboard for chutney…

Whilst this ‘chips on a washing line’ concept isn’t the worst we’ve seen, we’d need way more food involved than that, even as a starter! 

Ladies and gentlemen, we present ‘citrus in sugar’. 

A cocktail in a cage. Cool or overkill? 

Because coffee served in a carrot is delicious? Nope, we can’t figure this one out. 

When your dessert comes served on a horses head, taking a picture is a must! 

This guy doesn’t look too impressed with his light bulb drink served on an inflatable flamingo…

Fish and chips Ferris wheel. We love it! 

There is food somewhere in this photo, apparently. 

Some of these images have actually shocked us. Not only are some of these dishes and drinks hazardous, but others just make no sense at all! We can imagine the establishments behind these photos have received their fair share of complaints. However, as we said before, some of these images are actually pretty awesome! Coming up, we’ve got even more bemusing examples of times hipster restaurants went too far with food serving, so keep scrolling to see more! 

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Because you shovel it down you? Maybe? No? We give up. 

‘Today’s special is a grilled cheese suspended on a hook over some soup. You interested?’

Meat served on a doll. We think this dish should be called ‘The Lady Gaga’. 

This one is not for us… 

When your mushrooms come served on a mini garden. Which bits do you even eat?! This seems risky… 

We really hope this dish didn’t just consist of two olives..?

When you order an orange juice and get given this…

This seems like a disaster waiting to happen. There’s also a secondary drink stacked in there! 

We would love to see the reactions of customers being served this ‘dish’… 

This actually looks kind of cool, however, it’s definitely still strange! 

The fanciest scotch egg presentation you’ve ever seen! 

We love how there’s a matching mini bike for dip! 

Just what is the point here? 

Afternoon tea served on a bookcase. We quite like it!