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Mermaid Drinking Glass


Enjoy your favorite cocktails or juices in this awesome mermaid drinking glass! Made from solid glass and is perfect for your next party.


  1. Melanie Holifield

    I want!!!!

  2. Danielle Domine

    That is such an amazing idea! Who ever came up with this, high-f'n-five, man! Seriously.

  3. Philip Strickland

    So you get like 2 ounces in a cone? What's the volume?

  4. Carl WolfBlood Jones

    The cone holds 100ml.
    That's not a drinking glass, that's a double-shot glass. xD

  5. Tina Lamming

    I need this!!!

  6. Rebekah Shelton

    That's really beautiful!!!! =)

  7. Ryan Ocampo

    WOW, look how much drink it doesn't hold.

  8. Ryan Ocampo

    WOW, look how much drink it doesn't hold.

  9. Kayleigh Anne-kiki Greenaway

    Its ment to be a shot glass.

  10. Emmie Mccarthy

    all it is a fancy shot glass…who would waste all that money

  11. Maja Navne

    If it's yellow it will look like you drinking pee

  12. Shawn McCann

    thats fucking stupid, literally a waste of space, it occupies more space than it uses…it doesnt even look like a mermaid, that could easily be mistaken for a fucking fish…so going with the existent world now, its a fish cup

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