The New Lindt Lindor Double Chocolate Truffles Are Twice As Delicious

Valentine’s Day may be over, but that doesn’t mean we’ve got to stop indulging our sweet tooth with chocolate. Especially now that the new Lindt Lindor Double Chocolate Truffles have arrived! This delightful new treat is the brand’s latest offering, after the Hot Cocoa variety they released for the holidays. Post-Valentine’s Day chocolates have never looked and tasted this good!

It’s no secret that the famous Swiss confectionery creates the most delectable treats. And it appears that they’ve pulled out all the stops for their latest offering. The Lindor Double Chocolate Truffles are, without a doubt, any chocolate lover’s dream snack come true.

lindt lindor double chocolate truffles


The new Lindt Lindor Double Chocolate Truffles offer two chocolate layers

As the name suggests, the new Lindor Double Chocolate truffles are made up of two different types of chocolate. For starters, the entire truffle comes coated with smooth milk chocolate. Then, once the milk chocolate shell is broken, a decadent dark chocolate center will be revealed. So, in other words, the Double Chocolate truffles offer a chocolate overload in every bite!


“Discover two levels of chocolate intensity in one Lindor truffle! Break the creamy milk chocolate shell open to reveal an irresistibly smooth cocoa intense center.”

lindt lindor double chocolate truffles suggested serving

Each 6-ounce bag will contain 14 individually wrapped truffle pieces. Lindt hasn’t officially introduced their new truffle creation yet. But since it’s already listed online at Target, it probably won’t be long before they officially hit shelves. A single bag most likely won’t last you very long, especially when you just love indulging in decadent treats.

So we highly recommend that chocolate lovers stock up because we’re not sure whether this offering will be limited edition or a new permanent addition in the Lindor lineup. Either way, we definitely can’t wait to bite into this decadent delight!