These Stackable Drinking Glasses Turn Into A Greek Column When Stacked

If you have a taste for classical architecture or if you know someone who is a huge fan of Greek or Roman architecture then we’ve found the perfect glasses that are sure to impress. These stackable drinking glasses are great for serving water and other beverages. But this 4-piece set isn’t your ordinary set of glasses. These feature an innovative space saving design that allows you to easily arrange and store them in a stack. That’s not all. When stacked, the glassware forms a replica of a classical Greek column.

Inspired by the ancient Greek columns in Doric style, these stackable glasses are also fluted with parallel concave grooves that make up the vertical shaft when they’re piled up. One of them has a base in the form of a circular capital which is placed on top of the column. Stacking them doesn’t only save a lot of cabinet space. But the design also furnishes your kitchen with flair and classical style.


Stackable Drinking Glasses In The Form Of An Ancient Greek Column

blue glass drinkware greek column style

This 4-piece set of stackable glasses are made from high quality soda lime glass. This material is characterized by its smooth and non-reactive surface which makes it an excellent choice of material for containers. Each glass holds up to 8oz of liquid, perfect for serving water, fruit juice, soda or fancy cocktails. They come in navy blue color and are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. So if you’re looking for practical and decorative glassware to bring a touch of elegance into your kitchen, these Greek-inspired glasses are unquestionably for you.

blue glass drinkware greek column


navy blue soda lime glass drinkware


stackable drinking glasses greek column


“These were a gift for my sister and I was very pleased when I saw them standing on her counter. The glass is thin enough to be translucent but sturdy enough that the tower stands on its own.”, one satisfied buyer wrote.

stackable drinking glasses greek style


stackable drinking glasses greek column style

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