These Innovative Ideas Are Beyond Awesome

Innovation is when someone takes an idea that already exists and creates a different version. This can be anything from complex machinery to simple everyday objects. This list of innovative ideas stand out to us as they help improve everyday life. Some of them already exist in certain parts of the world whereas others are concept ideas hoping to go into production. A few of them are even available right here on Awesome Inventions! Our favorite has got to be the giant slide!

Creative things That Improve Everyday Life

Banana skin caution wet floor signs

Fun caution signs shaped like slippery bananas. These signs certainly grab our attention more than the standard ones. 

banana caution wet floor signs

Basket ball hoop over trash can

Trash cans where you can slam dunk your trash. It’s amazing how if you turn something into a game or a challenge, people become much more interested. This small addition probably made a huge difference to how many people put their trash in the actual bin!

trash can with basketball hoop attached to the top

Create your own 6-pack machine

Machines where you can pick your own 6-pack. We love this clever idea! It’s great to see something that benefits the customer and was built with them in mind. This is so great for people with family or friends that like different drinks, or even just those who like a bit of variety in their life. This is a big yes from us!

coca cola machine build your own sick pack of drinks

Rechargeable USB batteries

Batteries you can charge via USB. We can’t believe that these aren’t more widely used!

usb rechargeable batteries

Find them here: USB rechargeable batteries


Slides beside stairs

A huge slide instead of using the steps. Great for kids and adults alike! This is also a great place to work out. People can sprint to the top and then slide down and repeat without wasting time stepping down to the bottom! 

outdoor steps with slides either side

Green and red parking lights

Car parks that show if a space is free or taken by using red and green lights. Every car park should have genius idea! 

parking garage with lights to show available spaces

Mug coaster that converts cold/heat to charge your device

A coaster that uses hot or cold drinks to charge your device, innovation at its finest! 

phone charger that uses hot and cold drinks

Anti-tangle earphones

Earphones that will never tangle! We can’t believe this idea hasn’t taken over the world! Tangled headphones are unbelievably annoying! 

zipbuds anti tangle earphones

Find them here: Anti-tangle zip up earphones

Pizza vending machine

A vending machine that bakes fresh pizza. We are super curious to know what the quality of the pizza is actually like. That 2.5 minute cooking time is impressive! 

fresh pizza vending machine

Rotating seats

Benches that you can rotate using the handle so you can sit on a dry area if it has rained. One of the best innovative ideas on this list! This is something that people could benefit from everywhere! 

Benches that rotate to dry side

Folding bike helmet

A folding bike helmet. A great feature for storing when it’s not in use.

folding helmet


Outlet extension cable

An outlet that is also an extension cable. How handy is this? 

wall outlet that has an extension lead cable

USB wall sockets

An outlet that has USB sockets. Many people have these kinds of sockets in their home these days. Who can blame them? They’re so convenient! 

wall socket that has usb plug holes

Find it here: Wall plug and USB outlet

Drip catching mug

A mug that catches drips with a simple groove in the middle. So simple yet so genius! 

mug that catches drips with a groove

Movie screens in cinema bathrooms

Screens in the toilet cubicles so you don’t miss any of the action while at the movies. Awesome! However, we can imagine the screen gets dirty easily! 

toilet with tv screen on the floor showing movie


Removable silicone brush

A hairbrush with a removable piece to allow easy cleaning. We love simple ideas that take away small hassles in our lives. 

hair brush attachment lifting hairs off easily

Space-saving bike racks

Space saving bike racks that don’t take up any sidewalk when they’re not in use. 

space saving bike racks

Backpack with built-in hoodie

A backpack with a built-in hoodie. What a great concept! It would be cool if it was a detachable hood so that you can decide if you need it based on the weather. 

backpack with a built in hood


Segway vacuum cleaner

A segway vacuum cleaner to make life easier! This would be great for large spaces! However, we can see people getting carried away on these! 

wanted segway vacuum cleaner combo

Potato chips lifter

A plastic device that will lift your Potato chips out of the tub.

plastic device lifting chips from tube

Ticket machine that accepts plaster bottles as payment

A train ticket machine where you can pay with water bottles. Recycling at its finest! What a great incentive. Also, don’t you just love things where mutual benefits occur?

innovative idea of a train ticket recycling machine

Water fountain for bottles

A water fountain that lets you fill up bottles too.

water fountain that lets you fill up bottles

Solar powered window charger

A solar powered phone charger. Charge your device whilst using renewable energy. 

solar powered phone charger in use

Tile tracking device for keys

This Tile has a tracking device that you sync with an IOS app so if you ever lose your keys you can locate them. Brilliant! What a great way of offering that extra peace of mind that all is not lost if you misplace your keys. Also, if someone takes your keys, you have a chance of retrieving them. 

key with tracking device called tile

Giant bean bag chairs for cinemas

A movie theater with giant bean bags for chairs. Who wouldn’t want to be super comfy when watching a movie? However, we would struggle to leave, we imagine!

cinema with bean bag seats

All gender restroom

In a world where we are no longer allowed to assume someone’s gender. This public restroom at the San Diego Airport solves that issue.

Baggage belt through car trunk

The Belgrade airport has these cool designs for their baggage carousel where it appears everyone’s luggage is coming out of the trunk of one car.

Fold away table and chairs

A great way to save space and still being able to have a full set of chairs and table to enjoy your coffee or food.

Lost baggage turned into seats

What a great way to recycle lost luggage by turning it into more seating for passengers waiting for their next flight.

Connecting socket extensions

A great way to add more sockets if needed.

Fold away training cushion

This cushion is great for yoga, stretching and even has a fold out punch bag.

Date staplers

Staple and date at the same time. Genius.

Disinfecting towel dryer

This towel dryer unlike others, will not only dry your towel with heat but also using its UV technology, disinfect any bacteria that might be lurking on the towel as well.

Dog teeth cleaning toy

Making sure your dog has good dental hygiene is very important. If you have ever tried to clean your pups teeth you will know just how difficult it can be! This is what makes this dog toy so good.

Edible drinking cups

Using an edible jello ‘agar-agar’, these cups are perfect for drinking your favorite drink, followed by a light snack.. The cup itself!

Scuba tank fire extinguishers

A creative way to blend your extinguishers into your surroundings. Let’s hope they haven’t blending them in to much!

Roll-out flat extension cord

A great way to keep things neat and tidy in the house. Nobody likes to see messy cords everywhere. This can even roll under rugs out of sight.

Floating cloud couch

Using a giant magnet underneath, it provides enough force for the cloud to ‘float’ in mid air.

Floor plan light switch

Controlling all the lights in the house from one switch. Great for when you need to leave the house in a hurry and can check all the lights are off from one place.

Fold away kitchen

This tall looking container folds out into a mini kitchen. It even has wheels making it easy to move around.

Tampon and pad dispensers

A simple yet effective idea. Women everywhere will want to see these in public bathrooms for those emergency cases.

Foldout bed and couch combo

When you don’t have much space to work with you need to get a little creative. This combo is a couch and shelf when closed. and a bed when open. The shelf tucks away under the bed when open.

Memory foam chairs

This chair will mold to your exact shape using its memory foam technology. This should bring you great comfort.

Mirror and ironing board combined

2 in 1, mirror and ironing board. Again, a great space saver and very practical.

Mobile shelter inside sneakers

You never know when you might run into trouble. It’s always handy to have a means of shelter if you’re out on a long hike.

Monster toy box

A fun way to get the kids to pack their toys away is by feeding this monster toy box instead of a regular boring box. The box comes with wheels too. Making it easy to maneuver.

Nap labs

Nap labs at Munich Airport seem to be a big hit with passengers waiting a long time for their next flight. A great way to pass time and get some much needed rest.

Non-permanent highlighters

The unique thing about these highlighters is their ink fades away on paper after 6 months. Meaning your books will be as good as new again if you choose to sell them on.

Personalized coffee machine

Using hand print recognition technology, this coffee machine is able to make the individuals preferred blend every time.

Ping pong door

When you need to save room in the house but want a ping pong table. Why not turn a door into one!

Outside plane camera

Putting a camera on the exterior of a plane so you are able to see yourself taking off and flying through the skies.

Recycled books vending machine

A great way to pass on books to other people instead of them just collecting dust.


Extending table

This extending table is great for when you have just a couple people round or the whole family. It can extend to fit your desired needs.

Inflatable grill

The inflatable grill will be easy to pack and take on picnics. Simply use a pump to inflate when using and deflate when not. A perfect lightweight solution to other portable grills.

Transparent TV

The future is hear. Transparent TV’s will be a popular thing. It will blend into the room when turned off making your space appear bigger.


Transparent hole puncher

With this hole puncher, you will be able to actually see where you are about to punch a hole in the paper.

Starry night sky in airplane

Now you can sleep under the stars while flying to your destination. A great way to help relax on those often uncomfortable journeys.

Slide away chair

This chair slides away when not in use. When open it offers a table for your drink and food.

Slide down to bottom floor

The Changi airport in Singapore is home to the world’s tallest airport slide. Passengers are able to take the 12m slide down to the bottom at a speed of 6m per second. Now that’s a quick way to get around.

Stacking outdoor furniture

This pod looks stylish when closed or open. It houses 4 chairs and table.

Built in table couch combo

What most chairs or couches lack these days is a table. With this couch/table combo, that problem is solved.

Water sterilizer for different foods

Washing fruit is a great way to clean your fruit. But you never really know if you have cleaning all the bacteria off if there is any. That’s why this sterilizer is great. It will put your mind at ease.