People Share Genius Design Ideas They Have Come Across

A great design can make a profound impact on our daily lives. Of course, design exists to solve problems and make life easier. But genius design ideas tackle more than mere functionality. While usability is still the top priority, a great designer also uses this collective power to make people feel good. A public restroom, for example, doesn’t need to be flashy as long as it is equipped with washing and toilet facilities. But imagine stepping into a public restroom with a huge painting of an adorable panda wearing sunglasses. What’s more, its cool-looking sunglasses are cleverly designed to function as circular mirrors.

Of course, the restroom can do without the panda painting on the wash basin’s wall. But adding this fun element brings a warm and friendly tone to a mundane setting. All just to put a smile on people’s face and make them realize in a tender way that they needed something like that. Brilliant design ideas don’t just revolve around effectiveness. They also consider the emotion or mood that a thing could convey to the people.


Genius Design Ideas That Can Evoke Emotion and Positive Mood In People


“Panda Bathroom Painting”

Good designers are fully aware that design has the power to evoke emotional and intellectual responses in people. Not just for public facilities but for businesses, architecture, advertisements, campaigns, and product design as well. The subreddit is created to highlight some of the most interesting and brilliant design ideas across the globe. So, we’ve picked out some of the best to show what ingenious design is all about.

“Harnessing Nature To Shade A Walkway”


These Playing Cards


“Putting Rails Under A Bench So You Can Always Be In Shade”


“Apartment Building In Turin Holds 150 Trees”


“Ads Against Littering In Toronto”


“The Drain Is Right Under The Soap Dispenser So It Doesn’t Stain The Sink”


This Ladle


“This Bottleneck Is At An Angle For Easy Fill And Drinking”


“Back Cover Of Dune. Turn It And It Always Says Dune. Design By Alex Trochut”


“Multi Coloured Hair Ad”


“This Enchanting Gothic Victorian House Built In 1888 In Arcata, California”


“Awareness Ad For Seatbelts, Canada”


“A Suitcase That Can Measure Its Own Weight”


“The Built In Cable Management On This TV”


“Refrigerator With A Lazy Susan Built In”


“Three Years Ago This Week, Saudi Arabia Began Allowing Women To Drive. This Was Ford’s Ad Campaign To Go Along With It”


“This Puzzle Comes With A Stand To Hold The Box Up”


“Art Nouveau Architecture Of A House Built In The 1880s, Brussels, Belgium”


“The Bag My New Glasses Came In”


“The Way These Milk Jugs Line Up!”


“Clever Use Of The Captain’s Arm”


“Just Amazing”


“This Awesome Deck”


“Door Lock Designed With Elderly (Or Intoxicated) People In Mind”


“Gothic Architecture Of Lawyer’s House (Kelch Mansion) In Saint-Petersburg, Russia”


“Thought This Was A Very Clever Way To Make A Caution Sign. It’s Still Highly Visible And Does It’s Job But With Some Fun. As An Added Bonus It Was In A Jamba Juice So It Makes Sense With Their Aesthetic”


“Norwegian Restaurant Under, Half-Sunken Into The Sea”

Learn more about this half-sunken restaurant here.


“Bed Sheet Tells You Which Side You Are Holding So That You Can Orientate It When Putting It On The Bed”


This Dining Chair


“Self-Taught American Artist Brian Mock, Turns Reclaimed Materials Into Breathtaking Sculptures


“Elvish – Elvin Silverware”


“Apartment Building In Istanbul, Turkey”


“Royal Mail’s New Electric Delivery Van Is Just The Cutest”


“This Bread Knife In A Swiss Restaurant Has A Silhouette Of The Major Peaks In Switzerland”


“‘It’s The Hat’ Clever Ad For Hut Weber, A German Hat Company. One Of My All Time Favorite Clever But Incredibly Simple Advertising Designs”


“This Contemporary House Glass Ceiling Bedroom”


“This Exit Sign Actually Looks Really Neat”


“Umbrella Logo That Only Shows When It Gets Wet”


“The Architecture Of This Home Office/Library Located In The 13th Arrondissement Of Paris”


“This Dishwasher Projects A Timer Onto The Floor”


This Bottle Opener


“Maintenance Guy’s Shirt Doubles As A Helpful Sign”


“Pigalle Basketball Court Designed By Ill Studio & Nike”


“2020 Badge Design”


“Japanese Designer Creates A Boat That Looks Like A Zipper To Look Like It Is Unzipping The Water”


“The Erosion Sink”

Source: Reddit