13 Moments You Will Have Experienced If You’re Socially Awkward


There are some people out there who are social butterflies, who always seem to know what to do and say in group situations. Then there are those of us who will never be described as "charming" or "easy to talk to." That's okay, not everyone can be open, warm and relaxed in social situations, but for us socially award people, that can lead to a whole lot of uncomfortable moments, which we will probably look back on for years to come and die a little inside each time. These are thirteen moments that you will have experienced if you're socially awkward. Take a look!


When you start saying one word and then decide to say another but end up saying an amalgamation of the two.

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When you say something at the exact same time as someone else, and they insist you go first but by this point what you were going to say seems super insignificant.

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When you accidentally blurt out something that isn't actually true, just so that you could agree with someone and then you're not sure if you should correct yourself or just stop talking forever.

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When you say something to someone in a group and they don't reply because they didn't hear you so you just shut up and hope that nobody noticed.

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When you think you might have accidentally spat on someone a bit while you were talking and you have no idea whether to mention it or what to do.

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When you ask someone how they're doing, then they ask you the same and then you ask them again.

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When you think someone asked you a question and you reply but it turns out they were talking on the phone.

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When you overhear a stranger telling a joke and laugh at it, but then the person who told the joke looks at you.

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When a server says "enjoy your meal" and you reply "you too!"

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When you mishear a question so the answer you give makes no sense whatsoever.

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When you accidentally say "love you, bye" to someone you definitely do not love.

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When you laugh at your own joke way too hard and for way too long.

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Or when you make a joke but it sounds like you were being serious so then you have to explain that you were trying to be funny.

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