12 Useful And Innovative Hacks For Girls When Camping And Hiking


Although it means going for days without a hairdryer, camping and hiking in the wilderness can be an amazing experience. Think of all that healthy exercise and the bonus of spectacular natural views with not a car in sight. You can really 'loose yourself' when adventuring in the great outdoors. However, for female outdoor enthusiasts there are a particular set of challenges involved when it comes to taking up this hobby. Especially if you're going with your new boyfriend, you want to still look good, right? And you don't want to come across as unprepared, scared or simply not tough enough to hack it. Don't worry, these 12 handy tips will help ensure your trip goes smoothly… well, as smoothly as possible, anyway! Check it out! 


Invest in a double sleeping bag for you and your partner. He (or she) will help keep you warm at night with their body heat!


Make a very useful lamp for your tent like this…


Bring a milk carton to make a simple toilet out of, you'll be able to avoid the embarrassment and inconvenience of having to squat.


Controversial, but great for the environment, 'The Diva Cup' will help you ride the crimson wave in the outdoors having to litter.


Learn your leaves. Then you can identify which ones are dangerous (hello, poison ivy) as well as which ones are useful. The mullein plant, for instance, has leaves that are great to use as toilet paper or insoles.


Did you know that you can find bear spray that looks stylish hanging from your key chain, while simultaneously saving you from, potentially, an untimely and horrific death?




Bring a hidden flask of alcohol. If its high enough proof, you can start a fire with it! Alternatively, you could just drink it, it will help warm you up from the inside out, after all!


Sunglasses are a godsend when it comes to looking great while camping or hiking. They help to cover up the fact you are not wearing concealer or mascara and oversized ones hide half your face!


Bandanas are a must-pack item. They don't take up much space and will help cover your dirty hair and keep you looking good!


A headlamp is incredibly useful, and it also helps you to cover up messy hair.


Purchasing the correct hiking shoes are an absolute essential. Nothing looks worst than a chick trying to climb a mountain in sandals or in heels! Leave the heels at home!


'Duck Tape' is essential. Now available in pretty colors, you'll be surprised at how often it can help you out! You can even use it to cover a wound, if you have limited resource.

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