People Have Been Sharing Hilarious Pics Of Animals That Were Caught On Google Street View

If you’re ever in need of a good laugh, take a look at these hilarious animal pics accidentally captured by Google Street View. Modern technology has allowed us to explore the entire world virtually from our computer. Google Maps, for example, is a versatile tool for exploring the geography of the world. One of the amazing features of this navigation app is the Google Street View. This tool provides a virtual representation of our surroundings consisting of millions of panoramic images. With this tool, we can explore even the most remote places on this planet through our computer and other devices. But how does Google Maps get Street Views?

Google uses GPS technology, lasers, cameras and computers to capture images. This set of navigational technology is referred to as Trekker. To capture the photos the equipment is put on a car, tricycle, snowmobile, boat and other types of vehicle. The 360-degree street view camera automatically captures images of the area. Google will then collect and compile the images to create a mosaic of multiple photos.


Cute And Funny Animal Pics Captured by Google Street View

animal pics google map flying hare

In order to take photos of remote places that can only be traveled by foot, the Trekker is usually mounted on a backpack that a person can walk with. As the camera takes candid photos of a certain area, the camera can capture the most unusual scenes. Most of the time, adorable photobombers come out of nowhere as can be seen from these hilarious animal pictures.

animal pics google map standing dog


google street view cat photobomber


google street view cat napping on top of car

animal pics google map moose running


google street view spider cat


animal pics google map sheep on the moor

We can now conveniently take a glimpse of every part of the globe right on our computer screen, thanks to Google Street View. And when you use the app, you may see some surprising photos along the way. We’ve collected some of the funny animal pictures courtesy of Google Maps. If there’s something that can make us happy, nothing can do it better than these cute photobombers.

google street view seagull stealing food


animal pics google map street butterfly


google street view monkeys bathing on hot spring


animal pics google map runner dog


google street view popping dog


animal pics google map ostrich checks a passing car


google street view high flying bird


google street view man and horse


animal pics google map rare albino reindeer


google street view cow in the park


google street view horse playing in the shade


google street view herd of sheep


animal pics google map frog photobomber


animal pics google map penguins


google street view follower dog


animal pics google map escaping dog


google street view elephants


animal pics google map squatting dog


google street view horses at the cemetery


google street view carabaos


google street view bird invasion


animal pics google map herd of sheep creates traffic

Anyone can borrow a Street View backpack as long as you can carry a 40-pound backpack. Google offers the Trekker loan program which is open to photographers, travelers, and tourism organizations. Using the street view camera allows them to promote areas of cultural and historical significance.

animal pics google map underwater

 Furthermore, it also allows them to contribute comprehensive and useful photos to help people learn more about the world. And if you want to become a trekker, you only need to visit this page and fill out the form. Once the loan application gets approval, you will then undergo basic training at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California before you can head out to your destination.

Source: Google Maps