Anti Tangle Zip Up Earphones

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No matter what you do, your earphones will always come out of your pocket in a hot mess of knots and tangles. Well not anymore with these anti tangle zip up earphones! Available in a variety of colors and sizes. Simply zip up the earphones and wave goodbye to frustrating knots!

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  1. Chelese Day

    I want this sooooo bad

  2. Kristy Michelle Heckel

    this is so smart!

  3. Stevie Cant

    Ha quality idea..

  4. Kimberly DeLeon

    Krista Nicole, you need these!

  5. Douglas Jacobson

    Have to have

  6. Sabrina Brown

    Brillant – i want some.

  7. Todd Aller

    Nice idea

  8. Wendy Frankalene Tillmann

    This is great so you don't accidently get it caught in a door or one earbud falls out of your pocket.

  9. Chastity Marie Embick

    My savior.

  10. Hardik Joshi

    The link to buy this is a broken link

  11. Geraldee Sio Tan

    Where to buy this?

  12. Aaron Huerta

    I got them for Christmas and the zipper was to heavy for the ear bud

  13. Daniel Roldan


  14. Daniel Roldan


  15. Maya Burke

    Jamie Lynne Burke

  16. Alec Cummings

    I totally need this I swear my headphones are alive.

  17. Penny Pham

    I need this in my life

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