This Exercise Bike Has A Built-In Washing Machine So You Can Cycle Your Laundry Clean

You can never go wrong with cutting-edge products with dual-function features, just like this exercise bike washing machine. From the name itself, this innovative equipment combines the functionalities of a stationary bike and a washing machine. Product design has really come a long way. Today, designers are not only focusing on basic functionality and aesthetic attributes. In addition to these essential features, modern designers are also looking for ingenious ways to optimize functionality. Indeed, a product that allows us to perform two tasks at the same time is advantageous in so many ways.

Remember the elegant dining table that can convert into a pool table? Or the portable beach lounger that doubles as a wagon? These are only few of the many examples of dual-purpose products that we have today. And expect to see more of these revolutionary products for years to come. Now, this is another awesome invention that we can add to this list. Designed by 11 Chinese students of Dalian Nationalities University in 2015, the B.W.M. is a product concept that allows you to wash laundry while you exercise.

bwm product concept

The exercise bike is essentially a stationary bike with a large drum located in the front wheel. You can put your dirty laundry inside the drum then fill it with water and detergent. Start pedaling like you’d normally do with a stationary bike. This will spin the drum, simulating the rotating mechanism of a washing machine. You get to exercise and wash your laundry at the same time. It significantly saves you time and energy.


This ingenious product concept combines the functionalities of a washing machine and a stationary bike

bwm dual-purpose product concept

As you pedal, the exercise bike also charges its built-in battery located near the pedal. The left over electricity that you generate from pedalling can be stored for future use. With this genius appliance, getting your laundry chores and getting fit has never been this easy. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard much about the development of the B.W.M. product concept. But we found a similar product that you can purchase online.

exercise bike washing machine


exercise bike washing machine dual-function

Just like the B.W.M., this exercise bike features the appearance of a stationary bike with a washing machine drum installed internally. Furthermore, it also has a time-meter on a display screen.

dual-purpose fitness equipment


Source: Tuvie | Alibaba