People Are Starting To Opt For In-Ground Trampolines As A Safer Alternative

Let your kids play on a trampoline for hours while keeping them away from potential injuries with this in-ground trampoline. Everyone loves trampolines and this fun outdoor activity makes kids want to stay at home and just play. Not only will they enjoy jumping for hours but it’s also a fun-filled activity to do with family and friends. Playing on a trampoline is indeed fun on all on its own. But there’s also no denying that the activity itself poses a high risk of injury for children.

It seems like everyone who owned a trampoline also has a story about breaking their leg or their arm. True enough, these outdoor toys are frequently the cause of accidents and injuries in children. The average person can jump up to 10 feet on a trampoline. Most trampolines come with an elevated frame that is usually around 4 feet high from the ground. Adding that height to your jumping height only increases the severity of the injury in case you miss a jump and fall off the side. It is for this reason that this trampoline was created because it is installed on ground level thus reducing the height of the trampoline from the ground.


In-Ground Trampoline

This trampoline kit comes complete with all the components you’ll need to set up the whole thing up in your backyard. Since it is required to be installed in the ground, you’ll need to dig a hole in your yard where the 14-foot diameter trampoline is overlaid. It includes a retaining wall system to keep the surface of the hole from collapsing underneath. The surface retention system also allows a flush transition from the tramp ring to the ground. Aside from the retaining wall system, the kit also includes a vented safety pad that allows proper airflow. The pads are made with durable reinforced vinyl with UV resistant mesh top to allow airflow while reducing surface temperature.

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In addition to the retaining wall system and vented safety pad, the kit also comes with a 14-foot trampoline with 104 8.5-inch springs. It is made with high quality polypropylene mat material with heavy Dacron vinyl hem reinforced with UV resistant test thread. The frame uses a 12-gauge 55,000 PSI steel that has been galvanized and powder-coated. Overall, its unique no-leg design reduces the height above the ground while jumping. Hence, this trampoline significantly reduces injuries associated with this activity.

To ensure your kid’s safety, we highly recommend installing this trampoline on an area with a nice soft grass. This is to lessen the impact of falls, in contrast to a rock solid ground which is extremely dangerous. The trampoline is available in round and rectangular shapes. You can opt to purchase the complete kit or buy the components separately.

Check out the unique no-leg tramp in action in the video below

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