Cat With Split-Colored Face Has Kittens That Are Each Of His Colors

A cat with a face that is two different colors is typically called a chimera cat. However, this rare marking can also manifest on non-chimera cats. Such is the case for Narnia, an adorable French cat who became an internet sensation due to his split face. When people saw his photos on Instagram back in 2018, people were quick to assume that the cute double-faced kitten was a chimera cat. A feline chimera is a kitty whose cells contain two types of DNA which contributes to their exotic split face feature.

Surprisingly, genetic testing revealed that the cat only has one type of DNA. So, what makes this particular kitty possess a chimera-like face is still a mystery for science. His owner Stephanie Jiminez shares that this special kitty was born in Paris. But they’re now living together in Britain. As a professional cat breeder, Stephanie knew that her two-faced feline is one-of-a-kind. So, she decided to create an Instagram page dedicated to her split-face kitten. But never did she expect that her adorable cat would become so famous on social media.


Meet Narnia, the handsome kitty with a split-face



The cat is now 3 years old and his flawless split face bearing a grey and a black side has become more distinct as he grows up. Just last year, Stephanie broke the news that her popular pet has fathered two adorable kittens named Phoenix and Prada. Amazingly, Narnia’s kids have each taken a part of him. The fully-colored siblings, the grey-haired Phoenix and the black-haired Prada, bore a striking resemblance to their father’s split face.


Phoenix and Prada


The two adorable kittens got their good looks from their parents



Stephanie reveals that this is actually not the first time he has been a dad. In fact, he has been a parent several times as Stephanie intends to breed the unique feline. Most of his offspring so far are fully-colored, except his two multicolored boys named Phantom and Polaris. Unfortunately, none of his kittens were able to inherit his unique split face. They all got one thing from him though – his striking blue eyes. But what makes Phoenix and Prada different from their other siblings is that they didn’t inherit their father’s blue eyes. They have brown eyes instead.




When asked how he is as a father, Stephanie said that he seems to love his role as a dad and enjoys playing with his kids. It goes without saying that Stephanie will continue to breed her popular pet. And we’ll be seeing more of his cute kittens in the near future. As a matter of fact, Stephanie recently announced the good news that the cat will soon be a father again as they are expecting more kittens to be born around June 29th. Follow this remarkable kitty on Instagram to get the latest news about him and his kittens.















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