Images That Will Make You Question If Time Travel Exists

Wouldn’t it be awesome if ‘science fiction’ was actually ‘science fact’? Imagine if time travel really does exist, think of the possibilities! You could go back in time to right any wrongs and could go into the future and create any life you wanted for yourself. If only time travel was real. Well, take a look at these 10 supposed instances of time travel and see if any of them convince you! Does time travel really exist? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


In 2008, archeologists uncovered a tomb which had been untouched for 400 years. They saw a tiny piece of gold metal with the word ‘Swiss’ and the time ’10:06′ engraved on it! But, it turns out that it wasn’t some ancient and weirdly modern timepiece, and that the photo was digitally edited!

mini ancient watch


In the 1980s, two men came forward claiming they had recovered repressed memories of working in a ‘Montauk Air Force Station’ which apparently housed a time tunnel which took the guys back to 1943!

time travel lab trees


In 1935, the ‘Air Ministry’ deputy director of intelligence and ‘British RAF’ senior air officer, Victor Goddard left a disused ‘Royal Air Force’ station, and when he flew back he saw it in working order with mechanics dressed in blue, and planes painted yellow. He didn’t land because he didn’t recognize the place at all. It wasn’t until four years later the RAF began to use those colors for overalls and planes!

army man portrait


The Weekly World News’ reported that a man had time traveled 200 years back from the future to the second before the United States economic collapse. He was said to have made $350 million from $800 in only two weeks, after which time he went to jail! The story turned out to be completely made up of course!

time traveler headline


This photo is of a bridge reopening in British Columbia, Canada in the 1940s. One guy looks far to modern to be there!

crowd of people


John Titor has been trolling the Internet saying he is from the year 2036, and that he skipped back to the 70s to find the computer which would save the planet from destruction. He has also made many outlandish predictions, none of which have ever come true.

electrical equipment car


Rudolph Fentz was found wandering Times Square, New York in 1950 dressed in 19th-century clothing! The man was hit by a taxi and later died. The NYPD found a letter from 1876 and a copper beer token among his belongings. Incredibly, the NYPD later found out that a man disappeared in 1876 at the age of 29 and matched the same description as Fentz. This may all sound incredible, however, it is just a story called ‘I’m Scared’ which was written by Jack Finney, in 1951.

road in city


A man named Billy Meier claimed he had traveled through time, ridden on dinosaurs and had even been on an alien spacecraft! His pictorial ‘evidence’ of his time with the dinosaurs was eventually found to have been illustrations from a children’s book.



It seems that an extra in this Charlie Chaplin movie is chatting on a cellphone! It’s got to be a time traveler, right? Wrong, experts say it’s actually an old fashioned hearing aid that the person is using!

When a man claimed that he slipped into a wormhole in his kitchen and that he filmed the whole encounter on his cell, people didn’t believe him. It’s just as well they didn’t, because the whole thing was part of an ad campaign!