Women Who Had No Idea That They Were Pregnant

Most people automatically presume that when a person is pregnant, it will become obvious to them fairly soon. This is because there are a few things commonly associated with being with child, most notably the bump. However, women are all different and their symptoms, or lack of symptoms, tends to vary. You might be surprised to learn that females can be close to full term without having an obvious bump due to the way that their womb sits. Here we have a list of women who had no idea that they were pregnant. Take a look!
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We wish mother and baby the best. 

This person must have felt like they had an extremely short pregnancy as they found out so late and the baby came so early!

Well, this sounds pretty awful. But, we don’t know the full story… 

We hope that this person learnt to forgive themselves. 

Better late than never! 

What a tough situation to be in. We hope that this mother didn’t end up resenting her baby and her family.

We hope that this person got some support. Going through something like this alone can be totally overwhelming. 

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A misdiagnosis can be so dangerous! 

This is a reminder to people that have irregular periods to be extra cautious. 

This must have been a crazy feeling! 

We wish we could tell this person not to beat themselves up. 

This is a recipe for disaster. Kids are often better off with happy parents that are apart than unhappy ones that are together. 

Lots of people do things that they wouldn’t do if they knew they were pregnant! We’re not judging. 

Hopefully everything was absolutely fine.