Problems Anyone With A Big Booty Will Understand

If you’ve got plenty of junk in your trunk, you’ll know that having a big booty is both a blessing and a curse. Yes, you’ll look amazing in pretty much all your clothes (the ones your bottom fits in) but there are some problems that come along with an ample derriere. Any of you out there with a bodacious behind will feel our pain with these 12 big booty problems. Take a look and see if you relate!

Wedgies are a near-constant issue for you.

People always assume that you can shake it like Beyonce on the dance floor.

People need to stay a few steps below you if they’re walking behind you on the stairs. Gotta make room for that booty.

Even your most opaque of tights are see-through over your bottom area.

It’s not uncommon to knock things off the edges of desks and tables with your behind.

You’re always hearing the same old jokes from people.

People are always wanting to touch it. Have you heard of boundaries?!

There’s no way you can buy a pair of pants on a whim without trying them on in the fitting room.

Sitting on any kind of public seating sucks.

People are always cat-calling you.

You’ve butt-dialled your friends more than once!

The power of the booty that people just can’t resist can be draining.

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