Elicia Edijanto Paints Achingly Beautiful Watercolor Silhouettes


You have to see these black and white watercolor silhouette paintings by Indonesian artist Elicia Edijanto. These achingly beautiful paintings depict meetings between children and wild animals. This series of paintings seems to be an exploration of childhood innocence, as you see these kids standing in front of creatures most people would be terrified of, showing no fear. There is something so haunting about these images that seem to convey a feeling of loss and longing. Looking at these paintings, you realize you miss that sense of magic in your life and the feeling that everything is good and could do you no harm. If you like Edijanto's work, it's possible to buy prints of some of her paintings by following the links on her website.

Website: Elicia Edijanto on Behance












Wow. Just, wow. Excuse us while we go and blow all our money on prints of these gorgeous paintings.

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