15 Brilliant Ways To Use Vodka That Will Have You Reaching For The Bottle

Vodka is known as something you drink. Particularly when in Russia. But did you know vodka is also useful for a whole range of (mainly domestic) purposes? Yup, that’s right, everything from hand sanitizer and window cleaner can be made from vodka. Check out these 15 brilliant vodka hacks below. They’re bound to have you reaching for the bottle in no time!

Use it as hand sanitizer. 

Make a reusable ice pack. Simply combine equal parts vodka and water into a sealable freezer bag for a slushy ice pack to help ease the pain of injuries.

Clean away mold with vodka.

Polish your silver using vodka. Simply soak the jewelry in the clear liquid for 10 to 15 minutes before rubbing with a cloth. Simple!

A few sprays into stinky shoes will help eliminate the odor.

Add a jigger of vodka to a 12 ounce bottle of shampoo for healthier looking, shiny hair.

Soak the sticky parts of a band aid with vodka to eliminate the sting of pulling it off.

Use it as a bug spray.

Ease the sting of poison ivy with vodka.

Make your own mouthwash with vodka. Simply combine vodka with a few drops of cinnamon, spearmint or tea tree oil and leave to sit for two weeks. Remember to spit it out once you’re done gargling!

Mix vodka with water in a spray bottle to clean windows.

Add a few drops of a nice smelling essential oil to a spray bottle containing vodka and spray your mattress to disinfect it and keep it smelling nice and clean.

Clean your glasses with a mixture of vodka and water.

Mix water with vodka to keep dark fabrics dark.

Add a teaspoon of vodka and a teaspoon of sugar to your flower water to keep them fresher for longer.

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