Hilarious IKEA Related Things You Will Only Understand If You Have Shopped There

For so many of us, IKEA is the place to go when it comes to furnishing our homes. It’s a truly wonderful place filled with reasonably priced, innocuous looking flat packs that can be supposedly built into amazing pieces with ease. What’s not to like? Interestingly, shopping in the store seems to rub many people up the wrong way, couples in particular. How often have you been there browsing only to have witnessed icy exchanges between partners? Perhaps you’ve experienced some IKEA-related stress of your own? Take a look below to see some hilarious IKEA-themed jokes!

So many of the names are confusing and unpronounceable!

When you want to go the extra mile…

The struggle is real.

This wouldn’t surprise us…

So many of us can identify with this. 

Who thinks these names up?

Now this is very cool!

Sometimes the world just hates you.

Whoever left this note must have been bored!

This is the truest one yet.

The interesting thing about IKEA shoppers is that they generally fall into one of two main categories… those who cannot stand shopping there and people who have an absolute obsession with the store! Either way, it is undeniable that the place is a treasure trove of amazing items. No matter what you plan to go in for to purchase, you’ll always come out with so much more than you originally needed to buy. Keep scrolling for more laugh out loud IKEA jokes you’re sure to identify with!

How thoughtful, Kanye. 

We would actually find this quite fun! 

IKEA people are sociable people.

We were getting excited for a second there!

If IKEA sold snowmen…

A real cry for help.

That IKEA feeling when it kicks in.

Bring food and water supplies!

This was never going to work.

And that’s a full 24 hours.

All of these images have got us craving a trip to IKEA! It really is such a fun place to shop at with friends and/or family. Granted, you’ll almost definitely spend more than you ever wanted to, but you’ll be over the moon with your purchases. That is until you get home and have to assemble them! We commend anyone who can take on a project with another person and get through it without wanting to disown them! We know for sure that there has been many outbursts of anger when taking on an IKEA build! 

Can we choose both please?

We don’t even want to know.

Couples and shopping aren’t always the best mix.

If you’ve ever tried to build IKEA furniture, you’ll understand this.

This always happens to us too!

IKEA, the store of miracles.

It can be utterly infuriating! 

Even IKEA knows the struggle us mere mortals face when assembling their furniture!

People often don’t think about the fact that the lovely bit of furniture they are looking at will actually have to be built! 

What a great promotion!

One of the must do things when attending IKEA is tucking into some of their tasty meatballs. Although this is one of our favorite parts of the IKEA experience, there is something else that brings us great joy. There’s nothing more amusing than feasting your eyes on an IKEA rookie. Someone who has no clue how the system works and looks sort of like a wild animal going hunting for the very first time. Couples argue, friends bicker and family members storm off. These are all parts of a normal first trip to the great maze! 

He was probably really pleased with himself that he grabbed the last one! 

We wish you good luck! 

The pain radiating from this photo is all too relatable. 

We’re not sure if this is really cool or really useless?

When you want to stock up on brushes but your bag is full…

ikea toilet brushes stuck to mans head


Sometimes translations are just plain strange… 

Oh no, looks like she’ll have to take another look around… 

Bedroom envy is strong when walking around IKEA. 

Would you use this?

Well, point made loud and clear!