IKEA Shows You How To Make 6 Epic Furniture Forts At Home

Looking for a fun activity to do with your kids? IKEA will help you and your kids get through the boredom of quarantine with a campaign offering 6 ways to make furniture forts. As a kid, we used to build our own indoor forts using everyday items like blankets, chairs, sheets, pillows and clothespins. Parenting experts frequently suggest building blanket forts as an activity for both parents and kids. This is because the activity provides countless hours of fun for children and adults.

Since the pandemic lockdown began, parents have been running out of ideas on how to keep their kids entertained while being stuck at home. For now, they’ve probably solved all the jigsaw puzzles you’ve given them. And they’ve probably watched all the drawing tutorials on YouTube already. So, what’s next? Can’t think of anything else? Don’t fret because your favorite furniture brand has you covered. The company launched a campaign that features easy-to-follow instructions on how to make, not just one, but 6 different types of indoor forts.


Ikea Created A Set Of Instructions To Make Furniture Forts


Russian agency Instinct worked with the brand to release a set of instructions to build indoor structures including a fortress, castle, house, camping tent, cave and a wigwam. So, you and your kids have plenty of fort styles to construct for variation. In addition to the instructions, each guide also includes all necessary components for each structure. The fortress, for example, requires one sofa, two bed sheets, ten clothespins, one blanket and three pillows. Although the guide specifies the particular brand for each item, you can actually use your existing furniture instead.



People have been sharing their own indoor forts on Instagram based on the instructions. And if you’re looking for some ways to kill time and spend quality time with your kids, building indoor forts is absolutely the answer. You can let your kids help you in assembling the parts together. The assembly itself should make up 90% of the fun. When you’re done, you can take refuge inside your beautiful fort and read their favorite books to them. And don’t forget to share your photos using the hashtag #???????????? (translates to “I’m in an IKEA house”).




























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