7 Mysterious Tiny Structures Created By Insects


Since the dawn of civilization, architects have been responsible for numerous magnificent structures, constructed all over the world. Works of human genius, from Egypt's pyramids, to Rome's Colosseum, Europe's churches and Shanghai's futuristic skyscrapers, they are something easily appreciated by most of us! Yet every day, countless other impressive structures are created, but we don't even see half of them! We're talking about the awesome structures designed and built by insects! Macro photographer, Nicky Bay has traveled the wonderful world, exploring jungle areas with the sole purpose of capturing these intricate structures! Take a look!
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Mysterious silk structures like these have baffled scientists in Peru. What could they be? 


The arctiine moth caterpillar actually removes its own hairs prior to pupation. It uses them to construct a protective caged fortress like this, suspending itself inside!


Some insects surround themselves with a barricade of poop, so that nothing will come near them!



The bagworm moth caterpillar carefully collects and saws up little sticks to create amazing log cabin structures to live in. Like this one…


…and some of these 'cabins' are cylindrical fortresses, which stick out almost vertically from leaves or branches. Amazing! 


Other types of bagworm moth caterpillars build these little tents to hide themselves in…


Although, some of these tents can be seen as 'artistic'!