People Have Been Buying The Children’s Toy Mini Beds From IKEA But Using Them For Their Cats

IKEA’s Duktig doll bed was originally intended as a role play toy for kids, obviously designed for dolls and stuffed toys. But guess what, grown-ups are putting it to better use by using these popular mini beds as cat beds. Well, why not? The size of the doll bed perfectly fits our feline pets, as if it was specifically designed for them.

The popular furniture retail company also has its own line of pet furniture for cats and dogs. However, most of its pet beds come in the form of small sofas and cat houses. Apparently, some owners are tempted to see their furry kitties on tiny beds that look exactly like the real thing. So, when IKEA launched the doll bed with bedlinen set, cat owners could already picture their cats comfortably lying on it.


People Are Repurposing IKEA’s Doll Beds Into Mini Beds For Their Cats

The beds are constructed using fiberboards made out of solid pine. Featuring a traditional bed design, it also comes complete with a mattress, pillow and blanket. Considering all these amazing features, it would be a shame to use it for some lifeless toys. A doll can’t actually feel the soft mattress and the comfortable bed, right? But cats would.


IKEA’s small beds are big enough to fit one large cat or two kittens. The doll bed also has a slot at both ends so your kitty can stick their tails out and relax all they want. Some owners even turned these miniature furniture pieces into bunk beds to provide more levels of relaxation for their pets. As it turns out, using these doll beds as pet beds isn’t actually a bad idea. In fact, it’s clever! Take a look at how these kitties look cute and comfy on their beds. And yes, this miniature furniture works well with puppies too.


















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