Mother And Daughter Duo Make Jewelry Out Of Old Pocketwatches


When Elaine found a big bag of vintage pocket watch parts that she'd had since she used to run a craft shop in the '80s, she and her daughter Alice decided to put them to good use. The pair come from Hampshire in the UK. With the exposed cogs and workings, their jewelry has a touch of a steampunk edge to it, but really these creations have a style all of their own. The pocket watches they used to make these gorgeous items came from between the 1930s and 1960s, so they have a lot of history to them and mean that these pieces of jewelry really are one of a kind. Check out the duo's website if you'd like to purchase one of their awesome pendants or other items.

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The amount of effort and attention to detail that must go into creating these gorgeous pieces of jewelry is incredible. It's amazing to think that these were all made from old pocket watches that sat unloved in a drawer for about 30 years.

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