The Ride-On Electric ‘Thunder Tank’ Has A Working Cannon, Rotating Turret, Lights And More

Role-playing is a great way to encourage your children’s creativity and imagination. At the same time, it helps enhance their communication, emotional and social skills. Playing soldiers and commanding troops is a common hobby among little ones, especially boys. Well, if your kids also enjoy doing so, then they certainly need this ride-on electric tank to make playtime more enjoyable.

Perfect for kids aged two and up, this ride-on combat vehicle features an authentic military tank design. For starters, it sports an army green color and comes with military decals on the body. It’s also equipped with front and rear tow hooks, plus actual working driving lights. Measuring 52″ x 40″ x 20″, it offers seats for two passengers with a weight limit of 150 lbs. ride on electric tank toy


ride on electric tank toy with cannon and turret


ride on electric tank toy for kids


ride on electric tank right profile


ride on electric tank left profile

Aside from its accurate design, it also boasts some loaded features that gear it for action. To start off, these include a working cannon and a manually rotating turret. So, kids can accurately aim the cannon towards their target. There are also five plastic shells stored right behind the seats for easy access and loading.

ride on electric tank cannon


ride on electric tank cannon shells storage


ride on electric tank cannon shell


ride on electric tank cannon shell loader


ride on military vehicle artillery shell loader


ride on military vehicle cannon blaster button


This ride-on electric tank comes equipped with a working toy cannon, a manually rotating turret and a swivel machine gun

ride on electric tank packaging


ride on electric tank for kids


It also features an authentic design, including military decals as well as other battle tank accessories

ride on military vehicle toy decals


ride on military vehicle supplementary step pad


ride on military vehicle step pad


ride on military vehicle front tow hook


ride on military vehicle driver seat


ride on military vehicle decals


ride on military vehicle construction details


ride on electric tank front

This electric battle tank also comes complete with a multidirectional swivel machine gun that emits lights and sounds instead of bullets. There are also speakers underneath the seats which produce explosion sound effects whenever the cannon is fired. Moreover, crossfire sound effects go off during battle to help simulate a more realistic battlefield experience.

ride on electric tank swivel blaster


ride on military vehicle swivel blaster fulcrum


ride on military vehicle swivel blaster button


ride on electric tank back

Running on 24 volts, this tank toy features two forward speeds and one reverse speed with a maximum of 5 MPH. The tires also come with realistic treads that produce tank-like sounds, taking your kids’ driving experience to the next level. ride on electric tank stick shift


ride on military vehicle rumble tread


ride on electric tank driving light


ride on military vehicle battery level indicator

Each unit includes a rechargeable battery and a charger, so you don’t have to purchase one separately. Indeed, this vehicle for kids is an exciting way to level up your children’s outdoor play. At the same time, it offers a great alternative to amusement park rides that your little ones have probably been longing for.

One satisfied buyer wrote:

“When my kids saw this tank, they were so excited. Their dad is in the army, so they thought this was the coolest thing and to be able to be like daddy. The only assembly that is needed was to install the wheels, steering wheel, gun, and cannon which was done in no time. We charged it overnight before they rode it for the first time. They had a blast for a couple of hours and didn’t want to get off.”

Source: Walmart